Tuesday, October 27, 2009

writer's block? more like writer not sitting down at the computer enough!

I realize my posts go through phases. Lately that phase is: I would rather be doing other things then sitting at the computer. Then it happens, I sit down and just start writing and it feels oh so good! I do not know why; I am not a writer by trade nor a writer at heart, but I like expressing and connecting with people in various forums (including online).

What have I been doing with my time not spent on the computer? Keeping very, very busy. Between work, my daily yoga practice, three days a week of Thai kickboxing, spending time with Groovy and Sherman, and visiting family and friends, I barely have time to sit in this wooden chair.

This is a good thing! I have been living life. Perhaps it's time to carve out a moment each day to writer about life?

The updates:

Kickboxing is kicking my butt into shape rapidly.

Eating is getting healthier and healthier.

My 30 Day Yoga Challenge is at day 321.

I have reconfirmed the fact that I am week at event planning.

I have also reconfirmed that my least favorite chore is hand washing the dishes.

I finally found a new pair of eyeglass frames and am seriously thinking about going back for the second pair that I dig.

Sherman is going through a serious shedding phase.

I need to repair or replace a slow leaking tire on my car.

I stand taller than I used to.

I am a true athlete again. (I have missed you, Athletic Melissa of Yesteryear! Welcome back.)

I have embraced my beauty again. (Another serious "welcome back.")

I visited PS1 (MoMA) in Queens with Groovy and a friend visiting from Wisconsin. Great space!

I took a personal day last Friday and ventured into the City with my father to go to the Photo Expo at the Javits Center, with a stop off at B&H. All I can say is "Holy Crap!" Great day.

I stand taller than I used to.

Last but not least, I got myself to sit down and write this post! See you soon!

Monday, October 12, 2009

full up

As of late, life has been full

full of friends
and loved ones

full of yoga
and kickboxing

full of bunny
and bunny fur tumbleweeds

full of joy
and joyful moments strung together like fairy lights

full of ambitions
and ambitious endeavors

full of hope
and pleasant celebrations

full of local apples
and juicy enjoyment

yes, indeed, I am full up with life!

love this and love that my love has great taste in music

Ray LaMontagne

Thursday, October 8, 2009

good ass or good icing?

Standing on line at a local Walbaums (food store...opps, grocery store*), I read with a chuckle the dichotomy of articles in a popular magazine.

Main article title loosely paraphrased: "Lose Weight Fast with this Miracle Plan"

article just at the bottom left corner: "Delicious and Decadent Cupcake Recipes"

Now which article do you think more people are going to follow the directions of?

*When I lived in Colorado and Rhode Island, people reacted oddly when I called them "food stores"