Friday, May 29, 2009

!!! warning - proof of dorkiness ahead !!!

When I was a child I used dream at night that I was the third part of Hart to Hart, helping Robert Wagner's and Stefanie Powers' amateur sleuthing, self-made millionaire couple, Jonathan and Jennifer Hart, solve mysteries, get the bad guys and come out victorious.

I loved having these dreams.

Hey, I warned you, didn't I? But I was a cool dork with crime fighting prowess.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

twitter, too, shall pass

"I just ate three oatmeal cookies."

"Just ran into a door frame! Boy am I clumsy!"

"Can you believe that episode of John and Kate????"

"Yay, I'm happy Obama nominated a female for the Supreme Court."

"Going to brush my teeth."

"Heading to the food store to get bunny num-nums."

"Sharpening a pencil"

"Should I wear the pink shirt or the blue today?"

"Did you see Ashton's tweet???? OMG! I can't believe it!"


"Can anyone else wait for Twitter to die?"

"Can you believe you keep reading these stupid tweets?"

"Y does every news show consider the 'phenomenon' of Twitter news worthy?"

"Taking bets on when Twitter will die a slow painful death."

"soon, I hope."

mooshie smooshie face

This boy rocks the sweet cheeks.

My best friend and her hubby sure make beautiful kids.

Friday, May 22, 2009

better than coffee

I have decided to water the garden first thing in the morning, even before my first cup o' joe. Going out there in the early morning sun, breathing the fresh air, listening to the squirrels rustle and indulging in the sunrise tunes of the local birds is a wonderful way to start the day. It refreshes my mind and awakens my soul.

This morning ritual is so good, it can almost replace my morning coffee...almost. *sip*

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

joyous rapture! the garden of eatin'

Oh, joyous rapture! This past weekend, we cleaned up and started our summer garden. The herb seeds are planted including chives, mint, basil, oregano, and cilantro. The curly parsley from last year is already a few inches tall and looking green and luscious. A few onions have come back. We created a new shady wildflower garden over where we plan on putting a seating area. Oh, yes, friends will be invited over this summer. (Any want to donate or barter some garden furniture?) An old packet of miscellaneous cutting flower seeds were sown because, hey, you never know. The indoor grow box has peat pots starting various sunflowers to go at the end of the drive. The portable greenhouse is assembled and ready to roll. Various pots of bird and butterfly attracting plants are set up along the fence and, of course, my requisite marigold seeds are planted.

Next: pick up some tomato and pepper plants/seeds, get and cut some lumber to make a couple of raised garden boxes and decide what else to grow this year.

today i vow

I vow to myself that I am going to create something this evening.
I am going to make a yummy dinner with lots of veggies, then I am going to take out some supplies and create something. A work of art, some crafty item, an interesting piece of jewelry, a doodle...what ever comes up is what needs to come to life.

It is time.

Monday, May 11, 2009

has anyone seen... attention span? I seem to have lost it and do not know where it went. It was last seen yesterday, before going to bed. Apparently, at some point during the night it got bored from the lack of activity of slumber and decided to venture out on it's own. When I awoke this morning, it was no where to be found and without it, I do not have the focus to look for it.

Help me out. If you see it, please bring it back home to me. I would appreciate it highly.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

love me love my fur

love me love my fur
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The love between a bunny and the proud daddy of a rescue rabbit.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

look ma! no cavities!

Yes, it is true. No cavities. But in what I believe is a plot to make more money, the dentist will be replacing a fifteen year old filling. Then, once insurance gives the okay, getting a "deep cleaning" done in two appointments and, with the "assistance" of their affiliated pharmaceutical company, they want me to have Arestin®
placed under the $100 per quadrant. Hmm...$400 of non-insurance covered name brand antibiotic? I think not. Especially when they prefaced it with "the pharmaceutical company that we work closely with."

I think I will research the efficacy of this treatment and also some alternatives. Wonder if patients like me annoy them? You know, the ones that advocate for themselves?

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

chopper-doc day

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In about an hour, I will be at the dentist. A new dentist. Unfortunately, I have not been to the dentist in about three years. I am sure the cavity creeps got at least one tooth. This will be the second one in my life. My first was at age 21. Pretty good track record, right?

Let's hope all the yoga and meditation I've been doing helps me breathe my way through any potential dental pain.

"Ommmmmm ow! That hurts now!"

Send me some good dental mojo, please.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

om wow, be here now

This month's Yoga Journal shared the enlightening levity of the Shamanic Cheerleaders out of San Francisco. I love this!

Never take life too seriously.
Have fun.
Be positive.
Express yourself.

Friday, May 1, 2009

research the meaning of "question," mr. reporter person!

Sometimes I wonder whether news reporters are interested in asking questions or simply providing the answers in question form so they look "well researched." Have you noticed this trend?

Reporter, "So, Mr. Smith, you have saved the lives of 27 people by swooping down with a home made helicopter you built in your garage out of spare car parts. You threw down your home thrown nets and scooped the sinking victims up and flying them to safety. What a gratifying feeling it is to save people. How did you save them and how did you feel after?"

Mr. Smith, "Yes, that is how I did it and I did feel gratified."

Oy vey!

Reporters stating the obvious cracks me up:

Actual reporter on the news, "Chrysler now needs to manufacture vehicles that people actually want to buy and can afford."

Fake Chrysler Exec watching newscast, "Shoot! If only we had put that in our previous business plans, we may have been successful...(mumbling to self) cars people WANT to buy...why didn't I think of that????"