Tuesday, April 29, 2008

coffee break

coffee break
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Good morning, Columbian.
Hello, French Roast.
Nice to see you Hazelnut.

This is my vice.
And I'm not ready to even attempt giving it up yet.

Monday, April 28, 2008

i love humanity

My local newsrag's online version utilizes Topix.net for discussion forums. Unfortunately, there is a large percentage of posters who use every opportunity to be racist and hateful. So why would I want to participate in these discussions when I am vehemently against hatred towards humanity? Well, it's for two reasons. If you can ignore the ignorance, there is a segment of the posters that have intelligent and thought provoking ideas to share. Also, some of the people absolutely split my sides with laughter by simply being....well...here's an example:

Some people are hysterical, even the one's who attack my character for no apparent cause. Not my words or anything relevant to the topic, but me simply for posting. Read on:

There was an article about a 20 year old woman who was arrested with a whole cache of drugs in her home. In response to another poster's comment about this arrest hopefully being a way to wake the young woman up and get the help she needs, I wrote:

"And, unfortunately she'll probably learn how to be a better criminal while in prison. The prison system is more about contained criminals than rehabilitating those who are not too far in to be saved."

A rather straightforward and unobjectionable possibility I presented, right? Now, I would love to hear someone's agreement or even rebuttal on why they think this potential would not happen. But instead I got an inane reply for anther person that was simply an attack on my character. Continue on:

"Look at this **** with her picture next to her name. Listen honey, you are not good looking and the tattoo makes you look like even more of a s k a n k. I can't believe how this young generation is so insecure that they feel the need to put their picture anywhere they can on the internet."

See? Hysterical! I do not feed in to name calling or lashing back because there is really no point in arguing back and forth. I do find stuff like this incredibly amusing and good blog fodder. Just to observe the human behavior unfold in a public, yet mostly anonymous forum is interesting.

Lets dissect, shall we? The picture - A thumbnail size of this:

Apparently, I'm "not that good looking" - Hmm, I don't think I'm half bad, but I guess I'm not his type. Meh.

"the tattoo makes you look like even more of a s k a n k". So, even sans the tattoo, I already look skanky? Huh...... Oh, that's right! I must have photoshopped out the kielbasa that I was deep throating. The kielbasa was tattooed also. Damn, and I thought this was just kind of artsy. Guess I was wrong.

Let's move on:

"I can't believe how this young generation is so insecure that they feel the need to put their picture anywhere they can on the internet." Wait, did he just say I was part of the "young generation"? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha (milk coming out of my nose...at least I didn't say kielbasa was....never mind.) I really wonder what age this guy thinks I am, and I want to thank him for thinking that I am younger than I am. Second, if I was insecure I would have put a cartoon drawing of a kielbasa as my icon and not show myself in the pic at all. I'm pretty darn okay with me.....despite my poor taste in kielbasa references. (Wow, I really am a bad vegetarian. I could have at least been referencing a "soy pup" or something.)

Without name calling, my simple response was: "Darn, so you won't marry me and make me feel secure about myself? You must be a member of the American Psychological Association with your brilliant analysis and assessment of who I am. What need was satisfied in you by lashing out at me?"

Alas, he never came back to enlighten me. Though there was another "night in cyber honor" that defended me by ripping on this guy (via name calling of course), and pointed out that he thought I was hot.

I am okay with myself, no matter what cyber posters say about me one way or the other. I do find all of this amusing. Hope you got some amusement out of this, too.

Disclaimer: no kielbasa was hurt in the writing of this post. However, a soy dog had his feelings hurt quite badly. He is currently getting a psychological assessment by the guy who lashed out at me.

If you squint, it kind of looks like a keilbasa:

Sunday, April 27, 2008

o - e - o - oooooo - o

In the middle of moving once again. About one third of the apartment stuff is moved and unpacked. This move is the easiest for a few reasons.

There is an overlap of occupancy; able to move in to the new place while still in the lease for the soon to be old place.

It's not smack dab in the middle of winter. (Moving after a snow storm is never fun.)

There are people nearby to help. (Quick, you all only have a few days left to make up some excuse to get out of furniture moving day!)

This nomadic lifestyle of mine has made me realize a few things, too. The meaning of home is truly in the heart and not contained within four walls.

My mother can never get a new phone book or I will lose the record of my residential history.

My best friend may be the only one who has my beeper number from the pre-cell phone days. (whew, I'm old)

There are pluses and negatives to every apartment, and you have to weight what is more important. (Would I rather have small windows or a roof that leaks?)

Folding furniture is much lighter than real, post-Ikea furniture.

I like living in different parts of the country.

People in the West think New Yorkers walk fast.

Interviewers get really nervous when deciding whether to give a nomad a job. (If you give a nomad a job, they will want a cookie eating mouse.......)

Plastic stackable bins are a nomad's handiest tool.

Moving is great exercise.

Moving makes me feel like I'm evading the authorities. It gives me an unfounded air of mystery.

I think this lifestyle makes the idea of a yurt even more appealing.

I could come up with more, but moving also makes a person tired. Time to wash up and head to bed, or mattress, which is now on the floor since the Asian wood bed frame is in the new place.

Good night and happy trails, where ever you may live!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

getting off 'shrooms for good

No, not the hallucinogenic type....I'm talking to you, edible ones. Crimini, shitaki, white button, baby bellas, and especially you, Portabella Caps! I know, I know I have said this before, but now I am averring it to this here cyber-land to cement my will and let the world know I am staying away from you...you, you tasty fungi! We used to have a good, honest relationship. I was happy to marinate, grill or saute you, to consume you with great enjoyment, and you willingly let me do so. I trusted you and your sporish goodness, for many happy years. Then you turned on me and things have not been the same since. Shame on you! Sure you give off your attractive aroma while sizzling in the griddle with a little olive oil and garlic. You openly let me put you on some whole wheat bread with the tomato and a little taste of raw goat cheese. You even let me indulge in your deliciousness over and over again, year after year. But things are different now. Things changed when you decided to start playing kung fu with my stomach and origami with my intestines. I kept giving you chance after chance, thinking that the old lovable you was still in there somewhere. But no. Well, this time I have had enough. We are through. No longer will I be tempted by your tender meaty-like texture and your juicy marinated goodness. No, you cannot convince me otherwise. Just go, leave...please. Fool me once shame on you, fool me eighty-seven times, well, I'm a bit of a forgetful dolt... but no more. And to think, you were in my list of top favorite foods. You now reside on that list over there with Chocolate and his "make my arms itch" attitude. Alas, like it is with him, I will always love you and what we used to have, but you can no longer be ingested by me. Farewell, love, fare thee well. (single tear running down my cheek)

what i find funny on a saturday morning

It's a five minute well done parody. Enjoy!

Friday, April 25, 2008

they called me names

tree II
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Often I add comments on the local newspaper's discussion forums and yesterday I commented on an electric car article. In response I was dubbed a "neo-hippie warm-mongering greenie". Meh, I've been called much worse. Funny stuff, if you ask me. Bring it on, Mr. I-need-my-SUV-to-tow-my-recreational-toys-guy, bring it on!

I hug trees and I love people.
Your friendly neighborhood conscious thinking individual......with a sense of humor.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

slowly i turn, step by step...

I am one step closer to getting my professional permit!!! The State has deemed my $60,000-in-student-loans graduate education appropriate for practice in the State of NY. Now my file gets sent back to the main Mental Health Licensing Board to check that all the I's are crossed the the T's are umlaut-ed....and then probably on to the official add-names-to-the-online-database-guy. Then I will be golden, just like Ponyboy.

these little updates

  • I have, for the most part, stopped gnawing my talons. I have been a nail bitter since...well, since I have had nails. A couple of months ago, I consciously decided to cease the nail gnaw. Now I keep having to file them down so I do not maim myself. How DO you get used to these things anyway?
  • The move has commenced. A car load here, a car load there. Making a trips every other day or so to make the final move more manageable.
  • The State is stressing me out. They received the final item they needed over a week ago...but I still have no answer. I am sure they each have a large workload, but perhaps working more that two hours a day would make actually doing the job possible. (Just venting)
  • I lifted weights for the first time in a week and it felt wonderful. That cold last week temporarily derailed me but getting the blood flowing and the weights lifting made my body rejoice!
  • My mother is holding some pictures I took with her camera hostage. Okay, not really. She just has not downloaded anything off her camera in.....hmmm, I think there are still some Christmas pictures on there......1998. No, maybe 2007.
  • I injured my left middle base knuckle (does that make sense?) quite a few months ago, but it still hurts when I lift a pot of coffee (an activity I refuse to give up).
  • Did I mention I'm left handed? Entirely inconvenient knuckle to damage.
  • I picked up one of my new pair of glasses. Still waiting for the lab to send back my other pair. I'd take a picture, but the camera is way over there (pointing and gesturing with my head).
  • I really need to get ready for work. Yes, the same temp job. They were gracious enough to let me stay on even after the woman I was filling in for returned. It's a band aid job until I hear back from the State. (Oh, they have my balls in a vice, don't they? Oh wait, I don't have any......)
  • I discovered that sometimes I cannot write if I am angry.
  • I also discovered that punching the heavy bag is not a good idea with a hurt left middle base knuckle.
  • I have decided it is time to increase my yoga practice.
  • BBQ roasted corn with butter and cajun spice is still one of my favorite foods.
  • I REALLY need to get ready for work.

Love you all!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

slow and steady....

......wins the race!

I am a third of the way to my weight loss goal. I feel great, my pants are falling off me and I have more of that old Melissa spunk coming back to my self image. There is still a ways to go, but I will get there; I am confident of that. Maybe I should buy a belt so I stop inadvertently mooning the neighbors......

Thursday, April 17, 2008

sick and too hard on myself

Upon rising from bed the room whipped around so quickly, I stumbled over to the left (yes, the left). Apparently, my sinuses had some hidden congestion that it wasn't letting my nose in on; I could breathe just fine but, oh, the spinning! I resorted to taking some sinus meds first thing, but an hour later every turn, tilt or bend of the head sent me on a nauseating roller coaster ride....and I usually love roller coasters (read: obsessed even). But this was not fun. I felt my head heat up and the decongestant did nothing but make me thirsty. Needless to say, I called in sick at work. There was no way I would have been able to drive in any semblance of a straight line. (I know, you never go straight, go forward. If you stay straight you eventually hit something. Forward has more leeway. But I digress.)

The first three hours at home, I was only able to keep my head in one position in order to cease the spins. Was this a comfortable position? Not particularly. I had to keep it tilted at about a 47 degree angle, directly back. The second round of sinus meds slowed the room around enough to lay down on my side or back and doze off to some boring daytime television. After my second and third naps of the day, I found my inner critic whipping me from behind squealing, "What are you doing wasting your day just watching television and snoozing???? Get up and be productive! You should be cleaning and packing and doing stuff!!!" And so the battle began. Evil Critic on one shoulder jabbing me in the temple with a hot poker, and Sickly Angle-like Being on the standing on my right kneecap weakly shouting back, "You're sick! Be kind to yourself and your body and nap, nap, nap. It is okay." But Evil Critic was relentless with her jeering.

However, sick sometimes beats evil so I did nothing productive. I'm still looking around at all the stuff that needs to get done, sighing with despair, but my body is saying, "Thank you, thank you, thank you!" I guess I could try reasoning with Evil Critic, but sometimes it's just as easy to flick her off my shoulder and into the pile of empty boxes that need to be filled.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Kingsley Amis said, "If you can't annoy somebody, there's little point in writing."

Monday, April 14, 2008

pack your bags....

....it's time to move!
Six months in one place
but now it is time to move
to a new apartment.
This time, we are staying
in the same time zone
and same state
and same county.
Just a different town, in a different apartment, in a slightly different latitude. This move has many benefits, including helping relatives. There are some bonuses for us, too:
much bigger space
money saving
no leaking ceiling
outdoor space
private driveway and entrance
will not hear traffic speeding by day and night
will not have to use the car to get to "gym"
or the running track
or my parents.
Will be able to live there long term comfortably.
Moving right along......

Thursday, April 10, 2008

self examination

self study II
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As I get healthier, stronger and lose weight, I am amazed how my body is changing. More specifically, I am amazed that I have been exercising without using excuses to skip workouts. I feel better, physically and mentally.

Now it is time to make myself uncomfortable by slowly examining myself, every perfect flaw and all. Of course, it is safe to start with the parts I like and then ease into the other parts, but this is one way I am working towards making myself whole and continuing to improve myself.

comedian ron jeremy

Oh the things I find funny......

I love that Ron Jeremy has a sense of humor and will do things like this.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

now i know my a b c's

Childrens' entertainment found from awsome kick butt momma and blogger Nina Beana
Thought I'd share some of the silly, goofy fun fun fun!

Kimya Dawson

i love (making fun of) keanu

Ah, the high paid, low talent Keanu Reeves. How it irks me that he makes a huge salary with monotone line delivery and two characters: Keanu, a la Bill and Ted:

and Keanu a la every other role he's played:

Looks like he might have actually had more talent before he was paid the big bucks....okay, not much more talent, but you be the judge:

You know who would have more inflection and life in his acting?

Yes! Stephen Hawking!
Who agrees with me here?

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

moving appears to be my thing

Ah, movement. I love movement: moving my body through dance and yoga, moving things along like progressing through college degree programs, moving food along in digestive movement, (always a good thing) and apparently........

moving to new places is just my thing. Yes, after six months in one apartment, we're moving on to another. For those who need to catch up, confuse yourself with this post. I will fill you in with more details at a later time. Now........ off to lift weights!!!!

Monday, April 7, 2008

where have you gone?

I know my writing has been sparse lately. Part of this is because I have been living life, another part is I am settling in to things and the last part is that I am processing through some things in my melon. Here are some updates:

There has been some negative news surrounding extended family which I will not air here. I am respecting privacy but would still like to request prayers and healing be sent their way. Thank you.

In regards to my professional license, I still do not know if it is approved. The State needs one more form filled out by Naropa (my graduate school) about my internship. I do not know why they do not request this form at the beginning of the process. I guess it is just the way they do it, but the school has the form and I asked that they let me know when it has been mailed. I also needed to support that I took some specific class content they claim I am missing. I mailed in copies of syllabi that I hope will satisfy the State. If not, I will need to take one more class before they will grant me the permit. And so I wait. Patience is getting easier...or am I just becoming complacent? Sometimes it is difficult to tell.

On the job front, the temp job I have been working is still providing a safety net. Even though the woman I am filling in for returns to work on the 14th, my supervisor said that they can still use me for longer if I still need the work. I also went on an interview for a second part time job but apparently I need a criminal justice degree and a suit, neither of which I have. Didn't they actually READ my resume before hand? It clearly shows that I do not own a suit. That's another potential blog entry.

My fitness routine is going strong. Been hitting the "gym" consistently for six plus weeks now, going to yoga weekly and added jogging two/three times a week. I have noticed muscles that I never have developed before including my teeth brushing shoulder and my standy-up straight muscle group! I'm still working on the "hot ass, look my way" muscle, but it's getting there.

In other whirlwind news: we may be moving again, but this time it is in the same state and county. The pros seem to outweigh the cons. We should have our final decision on this one tonight. Seems like we are leaning towards moving. So this should be my 9th move in, um, five years? Something like that. But it is bigger and quieter, we would have some outdoor space and a driveway, and will save a considerable amount of money each year.

I have been feeling calm and pleasant joy lately. Many factors are likely leading to this and it is wonderful. I hope, despite any of your whirlwinds and ups and downs, you feel joy, too, dear readers.

Friday, April 4, 2008

on being nice

It has always been a common thing for people to mention how amazingly nice my grandmother is, and it is true. She never had a bad thing to say about anyone, would show kindness towards everyone and find good in all people (even the drunk who caused a car accident we were involved in years ago). Now I am seeing this with my mother. Don't get me wrong, I have always known my mother is kind, loving and caring (though she doesn't find the good in everyone....and I think you know who I am talking about, mom. hee hee) but now I am hearing people point out how nice she is when I meet them. Last night, mom couldn't make it to yoga class because she had the unfortunate situation of watching the Islanders lose to the Rangers (GRRRRR!). When I arrived at class many of the woman, after realizing I am my mom's daughter, let me know how incredibly nice she is.

I would say that is not a bad reputation to have. Being nice and kind. And I am proud to say that she is my mom, my mother....my mommola pastramola! I just hope that I, too, show kindness to others often. Not for the recognition, but to make those around me feel good and share the joy that I feel.

Be nice.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

embarrassing mom, take one

Scene: Sierra Club led hike

Cast: Hike leader and husband
Eighty-something married couple
My mother
Greg Groovy


80-somethings: "We're newlyweds! Married 67 years!"
Leader: "Wow, that's great, we've been married 32 years!"
Me (chiming in without skipping a beat): "We've just been living in sin for two years."
Mom (through chokes of laughter): "Shhhhhhhh!"
Me (innocently): "Whaaaaaat???"

and scene.

I think the others thought we were truly newlyweds. No, just heathen sinners.