Monday, December 29, 2008

the next thirty

As my 30 Day Yoga Challenge is still going strong, I ponder what to reach for next. Here are some of the ideas thus far:

30 Day completely vegan diet (I am already a lacto-ovo-pesca vegetarian; I'd take it to the next level with inspiration from my new vegan cookbook)
30 Day sugar purge (no added sugar/sweets/juices, except whole fruit/whole fruit smoothies)
30 Day apartment cleaning/purging project
30 Day stay within points diet
30 Day raw foods (Though I have done this one before and, even though I felt great it is a bit pricey with the amount of nuts, raw cheeses, etc.)
30 Day creative arts (not counting my 365 on flickr)
30 Day cardio
30 Day spend no extraneous spending

I am not sure which feels right but I am likely to start before the end of the yoga challenge so I need to get deciding! As for the yoga challenge, I am already up to day 19. I am truly feeling the health improvements more each day. The increase in muscle strength is most evident to me now. I deeply want to, and will, continue this as a daily practice. It is never a chore to fit it into my daily endeavors. This is more than I hoped for when I put myself to the challenge. I wonder if I can make this one a 365 challenge...hmm......

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


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Because I like visual tracking systems! Today was day fourteen of my "30 Day Yoga Challenge". (Is that what I called it in previous posts?) The orange y's are the times I have done yoga (notice it's been twice on some days) and the blue is Groovy. I feel wonderful and it never feels like a chore to have to get all bendy and stuff. Even if it is late, late at night, I simply do a more relaxing program. I am thrilled that Groovy's been joining in, too.

My body feels so much better and I can feel the difference in my muscles and joints. My flexibility is increasing, strength is building and my mind is clearer.

This is definitely a habit that will continue beyond the 30 days. I was debating making it a 365 challenge, but I would have to have a disclaimer for days that I am sick because, really, a main part of yoga is listening to your body and giving it what it needs...which is usually yoga!

the mark of a birth

the mark of a birth
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Oh I apologies about the out of focus, pale leg photo, but I wanted to share a little more about myself. I have two birthmarks. Both reside on the side of my left leg. I always kind of thought this one looks like North America (If you flip the photo over and squint a little) and I assume the other one (higher on my leg) looks like some European country. Perhaps one day I'll take out the almanac and figure it out.

It never bothered me having them except when, as a child, my older brother would say that I have dried leaves stuck to my leg. It's funny, the things that bother you as a child, but it did. Now I just chuckle and think, "It's true. They do kind of look like dried leaves...if you flip it over and squint a little." Perfect!

What are some of your "perfect flaws"?

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

those boys are much too much

Can I just tell you? This is my favorite public service announcement EVER! I crack up every time (and it's a great message to boot!)

The actor in this is priceless!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

(sun) salutations!

I am a week into my "yoga for 30 days straight" challenge and, let me tell you, I am feeling the positive changes already. My neck, which has a vertebrae that likes to rebel against the rest of the spinal column, has rejoined alignment with the rest of my back. My muscles are already feeling more "bendy" and daily I experience the post-workout "good" soreness. Perhaps I am starting to re-solidify my wimpy muscles already!?!?!

I start feeling better as the orange Y's continue filling up the calendar boxes. Coincidence? I think not! And Groovy joins in with me, too!

Why the "30 day" challenge motivates me, I am not too sure. It could be my competitive nature of team sports as a child/teen that I used to strive on. It could be my goal-setting nature. Or it could be something I have not yet tapped. Whatever the core reason, I do not need to have a deep understanding to reap the benefits.

At this point, I'm thinking that my next 30 challenge will be an addition to my life rather than a replacement of the yoga challenge. This regular yoga practice is a good mind/body-focusing tool that will support any subsequent challenge.

The next question is: What will my next 30-challenge be????? Any ideas?

Stay tuned for late breaking news!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

beautiful mess

109.365 beautiful mess
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Two days ago, I decided to motivate myself back into a regular yoga practice.

To do this, I challenged myself to
30 days straight of daily yoga practice.

On Demand,
or DVD,
it doesn't matter
as long as I am practicing.

This is me post yoga workout day 3. (yoga glow?)
I did a class that was challenging to me. (I did it with modifications but stuck all the way through the full 55 minutes.)

I'm going to do this class again towards the end of the 30 days.
Let's see what a breeze this class will be at that point.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


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Some days I feel I know exactly who I am, some days I'm not quite sure. But I find that, as I get older, the question of "who do I want to become tomorrow?" is a more poignant question.

Behind this is a laundry list of goals. I used to keep a running list in my dally planner and record the dates I achieved each one. This system feels antiquated to me now and does not spark me to move forward. Today I need something more visual. Inspired by "inspiration boards" that some artists and creative individuals use (sometimes a cork board that they affix photos, items, words, etc. to that inspire them to create), I'm starting an "inspiration wall".

Since, I am in the process of creating a studio space in the apartment (formerly the second half of the table nook in the kitchen; first half is already commandeered by Sherman), I have decided to start out with sticky notes of the things I want to do and/or become. I adore the idea of being able to move, rearrange and hold them in my hands. Perhaps a small photo or picture to go along with each will add to the inspiration. I'll see how it evolves.

Having my goals and inspirations right there in front of me perhaps will help me pinpoint which to tackle next (or concurrently. Again, I will see what happens.)

So today, I do indeed know who I am: a self-inspiring motivating organizer. (Hmm, I hope that will fit on my business card...)