Monday, January 28, 2008

donations, please

There was a sweet story (pun intended) from the AP about an elderly woman in Maine who was quoted in a previous news story about high fuel costs effect on the elderly in which she had mentioned that her vice was an occasional chocolate bar. After the first article ran, people and companies, including Hershey Company, began sending her tons of chocolate. In the current article she explains that she had so much, she shared with others since she could not enjoy it unless she was able to share (and a person could only eat so much chocolate).

This made me wonder, if I penned my own article here about my vices, if people and corporations would start sending me things as well. It is worth a try, so here is my 'chocolate':

My vices in no particular order are: 1. wonderful new people entering my life and old friends returning, well, because I collect good people, too. 2. health, fitness and yoga buddies 3. fresh organic foods to share with good company 4. a sense of balance, goodness and groundedness 5. love, love and more love 6. humor, laughter and joy 7. a group of people to get together periodically to make crafts for fun, drink coffee and talk about life. I think I will stop my list not want to appear selfish ;)
So there you have it, my vices. Anyone want to 'donate'?

Sunday, January 27, 2008

here and there and everywhere. you can measure, too!

It has recently come to my conscious awareness that I have a habit of measuring distances between places. I do this most times I drive, even if I have already clocked a path before. (Who's ever idea it was to put trip meters on the dashboard...brilliant!) Part of this is functional for clocking out distances to measure walking or biking workouts. But the other part is a fascination I have with placements of things and places in relation to each other. I find simple joy in this. I do not know from what this stems and am trying to figure out what it means for me. Not only am I fascinated by the juxtaposition or vast distance between places but I am also fascinated that I find joy in it. This habit is by no means an obsession. It is not that I cannot drive anywhere if I did not reset the trip meter. It is just a simple pleasure.Perhaps I have an inter cartographer just waiting to get out.

No, really....I'm the Map!! I'm the Map, I'm the Map, I'm the Map!

Monday, January 21, 2008

miso new york

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We are two major steps closer to putting some of our pieces up for sale on our Etsy page. As you can see, our Art Department (Greg) completed the logo and our photographer (me) finally figured out the macro focus on the equipment (my camera). There are some rudimentary pictures of a selected jewelry pieces up on flickr. I...I mean the Art Department still need to play with the photos, cropping and making sure the color appears as true to real life as possible so buyers know what they are purchasing. Additionally, the IT department (Greg) secured the domain which will be up and running in a couple of days.

All this creativity stuff is bringing me joy.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

clutter be gone

squatter yard sale
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Though my chaos is contained, I, admittedly, I am not the most organized person. However habitual moving has helped me discover motivation to downsize, simplify and minimize. Additionally, over the past few years I have learned to decipher healthy and unhealthy emotional attachment to material objects. It is incredibly freeing to dispose of, donate or pass on things I no longer use, need or want.

The things I am sorting through this week are boxes of "important paper and miscellaneous stuff" I have lugged around (and accumulated) through three US states. Mixed in with old utility bills, truly important papers that are worthy of creating a proper filing system, "congratulation graduate" cards and half finished crossword puzzles, are letters, emails, pictures, etc from a significant ex. Some of which I knew were still in my possession, others I completely forgot about. Two things that amaze me about these rediscoveries are: 1) I am having no emotional or visceral response (positive or negative) and 2) Shredding and disposing of such items brings some clarity and light on my self image.

Here is just a taste of what I have noticed:
I no longer allow others to define me.
Much of my self doubt built up over the past few years has dissipated.
I only desire relationships that each person enhance the other.
I value my family and friends more than ever.
My "I can do anything I set my mind to" attitude has reemerged.

Clearing things can clear the mind, calm the body and sooth the soul. When we have unhealthy emotional attachments to objects we need to work through the underlying issues and let both the emotion and the item go. This is a gift we can give ourselves.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

soap nebula

soap nebula III
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We have a soap nebula in our bathroom. Body wash and hand soap do not mix....but make some fun visuals. I love noticing the beauty in the ordinary. Sometimes we create it doing the ordinary, such as helping a friend paint her kitchen, sometimes it just occurs, like in the refilled soap bottle. What art was created around you today?

Sunday, January 13, 2008

the start of it

the start of it
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Here are some of the pieces I have made for MiSo NY. A few more and I will have enough to start putting them up on our Etsy shop. I cannot wait (rubbing hands together and licking lips). Now I just have to figure out the macro focus on my camera so I can get some clear shots or, more likely, borrow my mother's camera since hers is much easier to use on that setting.

pipe dreams

More like pipe nightmares.

Here's what happens when you do things on the cheap....hired hands dump stuff down your sink and it gets all clogged. Yes, that is construction debris in the bathroom sink pipe of our apartment...basically, we had wall in our pipes. Mmmmm doesn't that look yummy?

Luckily, Greg's father had some spare pipe and the duo replaced the suspect drain-clogger. Now the water in our sink actually goes down. What a treat!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

it pays, folks, it pays

Yes, patience does pay. I was offered the job that I was truly hoping to get. Somehow the Universe always provides. It is amazing how this all came to fruition.
I had been applying and interviewing for social work positions because that is all that I found advertised. Nothing against the field of social work, it is just that my major was counseling psychology, not social work. One of my goals is to work towards my license as a Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) but I had not been actively thinking about it since moving. Last Wednesday when I was trying to go to sleep my thoughts started racing and I could not stop thinking about what I have to do to get my license. After midnight I leaped out of bed, turned on the computer and looked up the next license exam dates. Then I swigged some NyQuil (I was sick too) and went to bed. Early the next morning before going to work at the temp job, I did a job search, found one (1!!!) job and emailed over my resume. That day the Program Manager had left a message in reference to my resume. I called him back the next morning and set up an interview that afternoon. I left the interview not quite sure how well it went since the interviewer was difficult to read. Monday I had to go in to get the fingerprinting paperwork filled out and submit other required paperwork, and my final letter of recommendation was faxed over on Tuesday. Then I waited.....and waited....and took some deeps breathes....and got support from Greg......and went to Krap-Mart to return some lamp shades.......and I got a call with the job offer!!!
The Universe provides what we need.....we just need to be patient....and return lamp shades.

untitled truth


Wednesday, January 9, 2008

a little funk

After an awful night's sleep last night and not feeling so good in the belly, I feel a bit in a funk today. We went for a long stroll and that certainly helped a bit, but I am still feeling all up in my head in dark thoughts while my body concurrently feels blah. Walking, I viewed the houses in the neighborhood, admiring or critiquing the architecture and design, some charming, some in need of serious tender loving care, some stunningly lovely....and it all made me pensive. I wonder if the owners appreciate what they have, big or small, the Joneses or the little bungalow owners. I wonder if they see their abodes as a burden, or they take them for granted....if they huff at the mortgage payments.....or if they realize that they have a place that is uniquely theirs...they own them. Perhaps it is the amount of times I have moved in the recent past, or living in places that are not fully "home", where, even though there is less responsibility, there is less ability to design things as I would like. Maybe it the realization that landlords really skimp on the construction by using bottom of the line items and sub par labor....I really cannot wait to have a home of my own. Does this make me all grown up-like? This is one of those areas in my hearth that feels kind of empty. My new mantra is "patience pays" and I continuously have to remind myself to be patient in this realm (as well as others). It is such a difficult task for me and my "instant gratification takes too long" sense of urgency. I need to accept what is while still working towards the things I want. I need to work hard while letting go of outcomes. I need to embrace the fact that there are things I can control and things that are beyond it. Perhaps a better night sleep will make this much, much easier. Goodnight, all.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

send me to the psych center

bells aren't ringing
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In my quest for a job now that I am back in New York, I have had to go over to Pilgrim State Psych Center in order to get fingerprinted for my background checks. Yes, for each new job application I have to get new prints done. (Good thing they use live scan/inkless prints or I would probably have ink poisoning by now.) The fun part of these trips to the Center is that a lot of the older facilities are abandoned, dilapidated or destroyed. Meaning: great photo ops. There are still a whole bunch of buildings to take pictures of before they knock them all down. I'm not crazy enough to enter these buildings since I value my safety and I do not want to get arrested and actually have something on my background checks. Still, the facades of these structures are visually wonderful, creepy to be near even in bright daylight and have the ability to spark curiosity in the history of the place. Check out the first set of photos on my flickr and if your curiosity has been sparked, read a little about Pilgrim State here.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

creating of miso ny

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I have gone back to my crafty roots and started making jewelry again. This was I hobby I enjoyed in my youth and I am realizing that I enjoy it even more today. It feels wonderful to be making things with my hands again, something I had put aside for far too long. Greg is concurrently concocting, constructing and creating other DIY/crafty/artisan items. His creativity is fanning the flames of mine even more. (Another reason to add to the huge list of "Why I am Happy that Greg is in my Life".) We are in the process of creating inventory that will be posted soon on our Etsy Shop. Once we post some items, I will post the link here if you care to peruse. We chose the name "MiSo NY" derived from the first two letters of our last names, and the NY....well....because that is where we are....and straight out "Miso" was taken. That's okay, I like the name even better with the NY. I will add some more details soon.


Wednesday, January 2, 2008

ring it in

Here we are, folks, in a new year. 2008. Write your checks correctly. I rang in the new year similar to last...with a wicked cold making my nose all snuffily and my body achy. Sat on the couch wrapped in a warm new christmas gift blanket (thanks Paul and Joanne!!!), sweatshirt and scarf lovingly knitted by Greg :). As my Italian grandmother always did, we had money in our hands at the stroke of midnight to welcome prosperity into our lives. This year I additionally held some Emergen-C, a piece of paper with a heart and a polished stone. Wealth, Health, Love and being grounded.

Since I make a habit of setting goals for myself throughout the year, I do not come up with New Year's Resolutions. I prefer instead let go of things from the previous year. I learned this tradition from a peer of mine that studied at Naropa University. Her name is Sonny and she is a Lakota Indian, an amazing woman, a survivor and a beautiful person all around. Since ritual and tradition can be an important component of well being, she shared with the class a tradition that her tribe practices. Keep in mind, I am not versed in Lakota tradition so this is a very abridged version. Basically what we did was write down things from the previous year that we want to let go. This is personal and not shared with anyone. We then burned the paper and the idea is that the things we want to let go of goes up with the smoke and a Lakota spirit (an eagle, I believe) flies down and takes them away. You then bury the ashes in soil and grow a plant or flower in it. Then you can move into the new year letting go of the things that hold you back and something new grows from the intention. Having done this a couple of times, I find it very freeing and a ritual I plan on doing again this week. I have used this also when I was going through some difficult times. My mother had come to Colorado to stay with me for a few days for support. I shared this idea with her and we did the ritual ourselves. We then added writing down what we wish for each other in the coming year. Truly helpful indeed.
Whatever you want to work towards in 2008 or let go of from the past, I wish you all Health, Wealth, Love and a Sense of Groundedness.
Namaste, Shanti and Cheers,