Sunday, August 31, 2008

blood seeking missiles

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Today, I became a feast for some rambunctious mosquitoes. Apparently, my feet and ankles are quite delicious!

om in the home

Two nights in a row, I have succeeded at getting full, mostly restful nights sleep. I think it has helped having completed some deep cleaning in the bedroom; dusting, changing pillow cases, vacuuming and organizing. It amazes me how much more at ease I am when things are neat and organized. Not like this is some shocking revelation since I am fully aware how our surroundings affect us. It is more that I am amazed at the stark difference I feel between chaos and calm. This alone should be motivation enough to keep things clean and tidy, but I'm an artist at heart and like many artists I know, order is not an easy thing to keep.

On a positive, as I grow more aware of how I walk through life, I also become less attached to things. I find it much easier now to part with things than I have in the past. My goal now is to simplify. Yes, it is nice to have possessions, but I want to be realistic. I no longer want to hold on to stuff for the sake of having stuff. I want less things in order to be able to actively use the things I need and want to use, without extraneous things hindering this.

I want to keep my cleaning of the apartment as simple as: keep, toss, donate

I want to be realistic in the "oh, I use this such-and-such someday" and get rid of the "Yeah, I might use it eventually but right now it is useless and taking up too much space" things.

Cleanse and purge the physical in order to calm the internal.
What I want is "om in the home".
Who's with me?

Saturday, August 30, 2008

can you guess what's been affecting me lately?

Come on, take a guess:

That's right.....uncontrollable need to post videos about spinning vertigo.
No, actually I've been having some wicked inner ear thing going on, making my world spin....and not in a good way. And THAT is what's causing me to voraciously post video clips.

Friday, August 29, 2008

what's the meaning of this?

I love warning signs. Of course, the way my mind works in strange ways so I see things like picture 2: "Warning! Child labor prohibited" and 7 "Flock of Seagulls not allowed". I have a "create your own meanings" set on flickr. Go be creative your own meanings. Go on. Amuse me.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

good reason to clean

August 27, 2008

  1. AriesAries (3/21-4/19)

    One of the very best ways to remind yourself that you are the commander in chief of your life is by rearranging your life -- literally. It's time for some house cleaning! Now, before you get annoyed at the prospect of organizing closets and scrubbing out the refrigerator, stop and think about it. What better way is there to feel powerful than by improving your living situation in such a way that, every day moving forward, you can actually see the influence you have?

the line

Where do you place the line between hurting others and getting your own needs met? This is something with which I struggle. Sometimes, when we express our needs it is at the expense of other peoples' feelings. In the past, all too often I put the needs of others needs on a much higher plane of importance than my own. I have since come to recognize that my own needs are just as important and valid. Usually, I am very aware about how I express things and how they may affect the person I am expressing them to. This morning I realize that an expression of my own needs yesterday was offered at an inappropriate time. The listener was vulnerable and I was aware, yet insensitive of that. I chose to let out my feelings for fear that, held in, they would turn into resentment. Reflecting back, I could have been more sensitive in my choice of timing and more delicate in my delivery. Now I choose to learn from this, offer a hug and an apology.

....I love you, Greg

small home

Simplification to the umpteenth degree. How cool!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

365 days

I am going to tackle the 365 self photo project (explanation of why, on finding maitri). Photos will be on my flickr page. I will let you know when I get started. It will be in the next day or so.

well there you are

Yes, I have been slacking on the posts. Stuff has been going on: good, bad and neutral. A few bumps in the road and some more motivation. I am manifesting life as I want it. I am picturing the future that I desire, which includes love and art and giving and growing, and building it. There is stress, but there is more hope. There is adversity and the opportunity to grow.

I choose to move forward. Onward!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

623 atwells ave

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Google Maps has this neato "street view" option in certain areas. I happened to be at work in Providence when they did the photos. How fun! I don't work there anymore. Heck, I don't even live in Rhode Island anymore, but I am forever "at work on Google Maps". My paychecks going to rock!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

h p lovecraft

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*the following is not my writing, credit following, photo credit: me*

It's the birthday of H. P. Lovecraft, born Howard Phillips Lovecraft in 1890 in Providence, Rhode Island. He wrote science fiction, fantasy, and horror, a genre that during his life was called simply "weird fiction." Lovecraft wrote hundreds of poems and short stories, but they were scattered throughout various pulp magazines and publications. It was only after his death that some of the people he had corresponded with in letters were determined to share his work with the public, so they formed a press called Arkham House specifically as a way to publish Lovecraft's work. They issued The Outsider and Others in 1939, and his books are still widely available— books like The Dreams in the Witch House and Other Weird Stores (1932). Fantasy and horror writers like Stephen King and Neil Gaiman consider Lovecraft one of their major influences, and Jorge Luis Borges wrote a story, "There Are More Things," in memory of Lovecraft.

from The Writer's Almanac 8/20/08

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

flick flick... hello! this is the universe calling!

Sometimes adversity is the means for moving towards something better. It comes down to depending on if you choose to let it hold you down or allow it to spark you into moving forward. Yes, there are some things we cannot control in the world but we always have some sort of autonomous control, even if it is that control is simply how we choose to respond to a hardship. We always have command over that. Are we going to react irrationally or do we choose to respond rationally?

Perhaps the adversity is the Universe flicking you in the back of the head to make you take notice of something. Best to not ignore that because it will not ease up until you do something.

I am all about the lemonade.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

gonna get my polka on!

Once a year a section of Riverhead, NY, dubbed "Polka Town USA" has their annual Polish Town Fair. This huge street fair has been going on for years and it is the one time of year I get to indulge in some pierogies, polka dancing and buy something frivolous that I just cannot resist! (Okay, the frivolous purchasing might happen more than once a year.)

This year, I will even teach my goddaughter how to polka even though that probably means I will be one-two-three-hopping with her in my arms. It's all good!

As I may have mentioned in a previous blog, part of my heritage is Polish (I'm a true American mutt). My maternal great-grandparents were from Poland, and my grandmother spent part of her life living in Europe. My great-grandmother (the only great grandparent still living when I was born) spoke mainly Polish and my grandmother was bilingual. Unfortunately, as is true with most acculturated American families, the native language was not taught to the next generation. Sigh, perhaps one day I will learn more than the few words and the children's folk story I know. But at this street fair, you don't need to speak the language or be Polish to enjoy. And enjoy it I will! I will even bring along my camera to capture some of it to share.

And just remember, Polka Can't Die!

MiƂego dnia, do jutra!

(Have a nice day, see you tomorrow!)

Friday, August 15, 2008

and they called him sherman

Yes! We have named the rabbit Sherman after the street Greg and I lived on in Denver and at the corner of which we kissed for the first time. It was the start of our love and we now have such love for this little fuzzy, hopping creature. Sherman is sweet and fragile and skittish and lovable.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

rabbit rescue

rabbit rescue
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Oh my, you have no idea how I am in love with our new bunny. Groovy and I adopted him from Luv a Pup Animal Center where all of the available animals are rescued and up for adoption. Poor thing, along with it's bunny family had been neglected. Filthy and starving, this little guy was found with rabbit bites all over from having to fight for his food. Luv a Pup nursed him back to health and now he's got a forever home where he's already getting smothered with love. I have no idea how I am going to go to work tomorrow, when all I want to do is hug him. As of yet, we have not named him. We're waiting to get to know him a little better before deciding. We're open for suggestions if you have any.

Okay, enough blogging, I have a bunny to cuddle.

Monday, August 11, 2008

mailbox redeux

mailbox redeux
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Even though I had other intentions, this weekend was filled with a lot of "recharge my batteries" and "self reflective" time. In the process, the mailbox got a facelift. I still need to paint the backside since it is visible through the railing and securly attach the newspaper hooks, but I am rather happy with how it came out. Cheery and bright.

"where's the seed?" asked birdy

"On the ground!" proclaimed Squirrel.

yesterday this was full

yesterday this was full
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A whole new breed of squirrel issues. Apparently, the seed we leave out for the squirrel is not good enough.

Friday, August 8, 2008

blog post about blog posts

Thank to those of you who have already requested access to finding maitri. Now, it actually has a few posts on it and I am sensing motivation for additional posts. I need your email address if you want access.


stretching it's wing
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It is almost time to stretch our wings and fly into the weekend. Why does it seem that these past few weeks have been zipping by? It's been so difficult to get things done because every day, before I know it, it is bedtime.

This weekend I want to:
Actually have time to call friends
Take a hike
Attend a friend's block party
Enjoy some music
and productively make a dent in the apartment cleaning

I probably could add a lot more to this, but it will suffice for now. Off to work!

Sunday, August 3, 2008


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Reigniting the flame and actively searching for the passion that fuels my soul. I have signed up for a couple of art classes at the local college. I have really come around full circle considering I originally was an art major, but changed my major during the first semester of college.

I have no complaints where my educational path has taken me, for I love learning and I love my work as a therapist. There has just been something missing for a very long time, and that is my art.

I am feeling the dichotomy between extreme excitement of learning and creating again, and complete terror of disappointing myself. The disappointment may take the form of realizing I have gotten so rusty on my skills that I create utter and total crap or realizing that I should not have let this part of me go without nurturing for so long. Possibly both.

But I am doing it, diving in head first without a helmet and seeing what transpires.

Friday, August 1, 2008

may i help you?

I am not big on shopping, but when I do it I usually leave the store mildly annoyed. What has happened to customer service today? It seems to have gone to two extremes and neither one makes for a pleasant shopping experience.

The first is the overly-helpful-to-the-point-of-phony-enthusiastic-"can I help you" type that feels like an overly needy lover that does not give you an inch of space. They greet you with a too cheerful "Hello, hi, how are you? Can I help you find anything?" before you even pass the first overpriced item. Um, ease up there, Cowboy, I just got here. "Well, my name is Charles and let me know if you need any help?" (feigning weak smile of acknowledgement in hopes that he doesn't approach me again to start a "conversation" about the latest "hot item" that they just got in, exclusively to their store. (Hey, didn't I see that in the last overpriced boutique?)

The other is the cooler-than-thou sales associate that cannot be bothered to even give you a hello when you have entered the store and are standing in front of a high priced item trying to figure out what features brand B has, that A is missing. Or the coffee shop where they'll get your order together but will not actually hand it to you until you interrupt their conversation about which new lousy band has more relevance in today's political atmosphere. Then they push your order into reach with a look of annoyance on their face. (Yeah, have a nice day and both those bands suck and have no relevance to anything.) When did it change that you have to look like you fit into a certain role in order to get good customer service? Apparently, I am just not cool enough to expect decent service, and you have the nerve to put a tip jar on the counter? For shame!

Yes, I know there are people who take some pride in their jobs and provide truly good service, and I always give kudos to those that do (especially since many customers are rude and obnoxious). I wish I could have had a taste of the days when customer service was in it's heyday. When you could walk into an establishment and the people there knew you by name and were truly glad to see you and help you get what you want. And you, Mr Customer, were happy to come back again and again, not just for their quality wares, but for the friendly smile and, yes...quality customer service. I long for this.