Monday, September 22, 2008

sometimes you just have to kick off your shoes and hike

Even when it is a little tough at the tail end of being sick, a long walk in nature can help clear the mind. Yesterday, we took over an hour and a half hike on the beach. I needed it. My lungs needed the salty fresh air. My legs needed to be pushed. My feet needed to feel the sand and ocean water. My blood needed to pump.

And now, back to work, in a small office, without so much room to fit more than two client chairs. But when things seem stuffy, I will recall the salty breeze of yesterday.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

i ain't go no monkey butt

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But, come on....who wants monkey butt?

I am truly a sucker for clever marketing. Of course, I usually only buy the products once, so how cleaver is it really?

blue plate special

On Thursday, I took my dinner break around 4:00pm and decided to take a book and drive on over to a diner for a relaxed and comforting meal by myself. The place was quiet except for a few televisions broadcasting the news with low volume and a handful of regular elderly clientele indulging in pleasant conversation with their mates and enjoying their usual early dinners in this establishment where the waitstaff knows them by name.

The calm of the place was delightful. A sense of peace filled me as I casually read page after page of my book, while dipping bland french fries into some Heinz 57, avoiding turning the page with greasy fingers.

For that hour life was simple and stress-free and perfectly indulgent.

I need more moments like these.

Monday, September 15, 2008

spin's baa-aack!

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Woke up this morning and it was back.

The spinning room.
The tilting floor.
The nausea.


I had to call in sick (and I have no sick time yet) and hit the walk in clinic today. (Due to some sort of screw up with my health insurance not starting when it was supposed to.)
The doc drugged me up to deal with inner ear problems due to seasonal allergies (Yay! Welcome back to Long Island and the horrific allergens, Melissa.)

At this point, I'll take what I have to in order to stop the room from spinning and making me want to yack.

It's an inner ear thing like I had suspected a couple of weeks ago. This will likely be a reoccurring issue. GRRRRRR!!!! Long Island has horrible allergen levels and we live in a basement apartment (double whammy).

I am going to have to get crazy consistent with the neti pot once the meds are done, and try to be more diligent with avoiding possible foods that can exasperate the problem.

Nothing like a few good bouts with vertigo to get one's butt in gear towards better self care.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

rabbit goes wack

rabbit goes wack
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The one, the only, Sherman performing his famous binky routine.

I'm amused.

sherman makes progress

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Sherman has become dramatically more comfortable in his forever home. He started letting people pet him without totally going into hyper breathing, scared crouched down mode. Yesterday, we put down an area rug to give him an space where he's not Thumper on ice. Yes, linoleum is quite slippery on those fuzzy little feet. Running around on the rug brings him into super binky mode, which is a good sign (they usually do this when they are happy). Of course, if you didn't know what binkies are, you might think they are wigging out. After the first time he did a binky a couple of weeks ago, (after thinking he was wigging out and noticing that my house rabbit as a child only did small ones) I researched this rabbit acrobatics and found out the name of this odd behavior.

Normally, when he is out of his cage he will only run around or explore is if one of us is sitting on the floor with him. Earlier today, when I was cleaning in the kitchen, he started running laps around my feet! Progress, I tell you! And he simply cracks me up! I'm thrilled that he is becoming more comfortable and (dare I say) happy in his new and forever home. Finally the year of neglect he suffered in his original place of residence is becoming a fading memory for him. Yippee!

Here's a video someone posted on youtube of their bunny doing lots of binkies (I'll get one of Shermie soon):

i want to be a proton

Charge me up! I want to be a positive energy for those around me, particularly Groovy. I am well aware of how one person's energy effects those around them, but sometimes I lose track of this when I am in a negative funk. And when you live with someone, this influence is magnified. But I am bringing awareness back and am making a conscious effort to continue being cognizant and try to be a positive influence most of the time (I'm realistic). Or course, there is a fine line between being positive and being positively annoying. Let's hope I don't cross this.

Now I'm off to positively influence the apartment a little more (fall cleaning...woot woot!), go to work for a few hours and hit the gym for another cardio workout.

Proton, away!

Monday, September 8, 2008

everyone needs a little iron in their diets

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And I'll be pumping some at the gym.

I love working out at a gym, so we joined one yesterday. Though I have been out of touch with it in recent years, part of who i am
is an out of practice athlete, but an athlete none the less. Half a lifetime ago, I played many sports: ice hockey, field hockey, baseball, softball, volleyball, soccer, something that resembled ballet, skiing and even street games (hockey, stick ball, kickball, etc.).

Recently, I have inconsistently participated in hiking, walking, jogging, yoga and weightlifting.

With the weights and cardio, I always do well on consistency
when i belong to a fitness center. This one we joined rocks and it's super low cost. The downside is, they do not offer classes, but they do have group training times so you can learn more about the machines and designing general or targeted training and nutrition plans.

Today's agenda: Do some cleaning, go to work, and then Groovy and I are heading over to the gym for some cardio work instead of TV watching.

Improved motivation, health and self I come!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

love for adoption

Hello local animal lovers! ran an article this morning about North Shore Animal League taking in 100 dogs from a puppy mill in West Virginia. In the market for a new furry family member?