Sunday, November 22, 2009

kicking and bending and a lack of turkey (for me, at least)

Six weeks of kickboxing has lead to an additional six month commitment.

December tenth marks my daily yoga practice turning one.

Both of these endeavors have benefited me in many ways. I am reveling in the stoking of motivation. I always feel alive when I am working towards goals.

These activities are helping me focus my mind, keep grounded and grow healthier physically and, most importantly, mentally. They are helping me reconnect with my athletic side. They are the source of fuel for me. I am grateful to have integrated these life changing activities.

Despite these practices, I have been finding myself lately feeling agitated and sometimes down right angry when I sit down to write. There is something underneath that is upsetting me and I am apparently not ready to face whatever it is. I have awareness of the sources of stress in my life, and I know one of these in particular is linked to this agitation, but that is something I do not wish to air here. (Perhaps I will write about it on finding maitri over the next few days. We will see.)

Thanksgiving was a blessing. Family and loved ones, comforting home cooked meals and laughter filled the day. I even made a pumpkin risotto that came out pretty tasty (Why I experiment with new recipes on my family during holidays, I have no idea. Maybe I'm a rebel risk-taking chef...or my family are daring taste testers? Cooking something myself also guarantees something vegetarian for me to eat, too.) I enjoy cooking new meals and I find joy in sharing with others. Thanksgiving gave me an extended weekend break from work which was well needed. I even got a chance to wrap up the weekend with a lovely trail hike in beautiful weather. Life is grand! See? Even when I am agitated, I am blessed to be able to still find joy.

Hope life is happy and joyful, and your agitation is minimal for you all!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Odd how good news for the masses can mean more work for one.

mood = annoyed

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

(deep breath)

addendum to yesterday's post:

Glad I had the reminder earlier in the day to remember the quiet moments. Turned out that there was much chaos at work; people were in serious crisis, including two that required police involvement. Many were in increased need and within it all, I remembered to breathe.

In another synchronicity, I found my "om" ring that was lost months ago. Yesterday morning, it was sitting there, glistening in the sun six inches off the edge of the driveway. Quite an anchor for me.

See? The Universe provides when it is needed most.

Monday, November 16, 2009

quiet moments

I realize today that I have not been taking as much time lately to enjoy the quiet moments. Life is so full with friends and family and activity (which is truly a blessing) but I also must remember that there are those pauses between breaths. Before the inhale becomes and exhale there is a pause, nearly imperceptible but it is there. This is a constantly available reminder to enjoy those moments. Those moments where nothing needs to occur but simply exist.

Why not take one of those moments for yourself right now?


The enjoyment of walnuts
in their little, unassuming shells
waiting to be cracked open
revealing the intricately convoluted flesh
simple pleasure