Wednesday, December 23, 2009


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been a long time since i just took a bunch of self photos.

the power of the pj

Don't underestimate
the power
of cute sleepwear.

merry chirstmas

this could have been mine

i was born one day early and have been perpetually late ever since. Thank goodness for "no turn on red" signs. Gave me enough time to snap this photo of the vehicle that has a license plate that could have been mine.

Incidentally, I was on my lunch break and did return on time that day.

buddha with a snow fro

buddha with a snow fro
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First storm of the season. Long Island and the Buddha got blanketed.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

duke, i love you so

Driving home from work today, I had the pleasure of listening to the best version of The Nutcracker Suite EVER. Duke Ellington on the album Three Suites...phenomenal
Check it out on

retooling the undesirables

Land sakes, I have a busy schedule! Between working full time, yoga every day and kickboxing three days a week, plus "bunny time" (at least an hour a night) and regular tasks like laundry, I feel like I am going non-stop. Exhausting? Yes. Fulfilling and enjoyable? You better believe it!

A major factor to finding joy in busy schedules is loving what you do. Most of my activities are deeply enjoyable. Physical activity that you love is amazing. Time with loved ones and animal companions, divine!

As for the less than desirable tasks, I am working on making them more enjoyable or changing them all together. Sometimes we need to take stock of the "ease-ful" and stressful in our lives and see what we have the power to change and what we can learn to stop resisting.

Time to add to my schedule: retool the undesirables.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

so full of mini rants lately

(Paraphrased with actual date error)

College radio DJ: "...and the song before that was John Lennon "God" in which he mentions the line 'I don't believe in Buddha'. Here's a conspiracy theory for you: John Lennon was shot dead in front of the Dakota on December 7 and the Buddha reached enlightenment December 8th. Coincidence?"

Excuse me, Ms. Unenlightened College DJ, Lennon was murdered on the 8th, but that error aside... Conspiracy theory? Are you f'ing kidding me??? You are a dolt. Scholars, historians and theologians debate what year Buddha was born, and you know his exact enlightenment date how??? The Buddha is not worshiped as a deity. His teachings express that he is just a man not to be worshiped, so why would it be a problem to not believe in him? Plus, do you really think that someone who taught non-violence and avoidance of suffering (including causing no harm to others) would be tied into a conspiracy murder.

Okay, I am done ranting now and am going to go meditate to let go of my annoyance with radio DJs who talk out of their asses. Ommmmmmmm...

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

small victories but i'm happy about them

Two small victories:

Thursday's yoga class will be day number 365 in my 30-Day Yoga Challenge.

Wednesday of next week: yellow belt

Yeah, yeah, I know, the belt just means I attended enough classes to advance, but both of these accomplishments are huge for me considering historically I have a really bad record in "staying power." It used to be that I would go into a new endeavor all gung-ho...which would soon fizzle out as I lost interest. For whatever reason, I have found passion in both yoga and kickboxing. (Contradictory activities? Only at face value.) I have reconnected with parts of myself I had been missing for far too long through these practices and that is also why I am celebrating these "little" victories.

Yay me! (patting self on back...then realizing being humble is a good thing...opps!) Yes, I am happy.


We’ve got this gift of love, but love is like a precious plant. You can’t just accept it & leave it in the cupboard or just think it’s going to get on by itself. You’ve got to keep watering it. You’ve got to really look after it & nurture it.

– John Lennon

Monday, December 7, 2009


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This place is awesome. Yes I said awesome.
Long Island City. Check it out for some art to educate the art center of your noggin.


dear mr. parking-on-the-wrong-side-of-the-road-at-night-with-your-headlights-on guy

Dear Mr. Parking-on-the-Wrong-Side-of-the-Road-at-Night-with-your-Headlights-on Guy:

While you are sitting there in the dark awaiting your friend/family/drug dealer to come out of the house, I would really appreciate it if you would be so kind as to SHUT YOUR DANG HEADLIGHTS OFF AND STOP BLINDING OTHERS!!!

Honestly, I have no problem of you breaking parking laws, I have no problem that you do this parking technique rather than inconvenience yourself, and I even have no problem that you are self-important. What I do have a problem with is that you are so clueless about the fact that you are blinding everyone driving in the opposite directions. Just SHUT THE DARN LIGHTS OFF...please.

You don't even have to strain your wrist by double clicking to get the parking lights off as well. Really, just one small click off and on small click on again when you are ready to pull off the curb. It is not difficult to do and I believe you have the capability. This simple move would take the urge away from me of smashing into your front bumper out of principle subsequently forcing some behavioral modification on you since you would not do this again after such an accident. You and I both know that voluntarily creating a new habit of shutting of your lights would be a much cheaper lesson.

Thank you and happy holidays.



going going gone

this is getting freaky
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Some people have the ability to up and move to new states they know little about. I have done this twice myself and, despite some struggle along they way, I find such changes exhilarating. Like a mini adventures to personally uncharted territories, you can be both Lewis and Clark.

Eric the Red (right) is doing such a move in the upcoming days (moving in the winter is familiar). Luckily, we got to his going away gathering filled with laughing, reminiscing and well wishing.

This, however, has stoked the fires of desiring change. My next move will not be far, will not be to another state, but it will bring me out of the subterranean living, that is for sure.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

open letter to all the katie couric's of the world

Dear Media:

Please stop beating stories to death, especially when the are inconsequential to most people in the world. I am tired of hearing, over and over again, about celebrity indiscretions, or about the tree the fell due to wind that did minimal damage and did not affect anyone or thing other than the tree. We, the viewing public, get it: people may or may not cheat on their spouses and strong wind can knock trees down. No need to repeat ad nauseum.

Instead, tell us about vital news stories that affect us and the world, repeat some positive uplifting happenings on human experiences, and stop answering your questions within the question of interviews.

Much thanks,