Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Stevie commenting on my last post reminded me:

I am thankful for laughter,
and comedy
and belly laughs
and the laughs of children
and finding the humor in life
and hearing loved ones laugh

yes, laughter.
I am grateful for laughter.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


We do not need to wait for Thanksgiving to acknowledge gratitude. So, today I start my list:

I am grateful for:

having family and friends in my life
falling asleep wit Greg holding my hand every night
being able to give to others even when times are tough
art and creativity
finding hope
experiencing joy
the possibility of having a child
my cyber-friends that share their stories online
having a mother who can handle anything life hands her
having a father who is going to get through difficulty and come out even stronger in the end
having a brother who has always been my hero
having a sister-in-law that enhances his life and our family
having a best friend and her family that has always been my family too
Greg putting up with me, no matter what shenanigans I present :)
being able to learn and grow every day
having a job in these tough economic times
every one that has been in my life, are in my life now and who will be in my life in the future
a childhood where I was always encouraged to be me
being able to recognize gratitude

you, for reading my words, rants, raves and expressions

more to come


Saturday, November 22, 2008

i'm not using all blood anyway

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Before I moved out of New York, I was a regular whole blood donor, in the Gallon Club and everything. Unfortunately, life and grad school helped distract me from this task.

Thanks to my flickr friend DeHoll posting this picture the other day
I was inspired and did a walk in donation today.

I'm posting this because I am hoping to inspire at least one of you to go out and donate, too.

You'll be saving a life at a time of year when the blood banks tend to have a shortage.

And if you are not into the whole life saving thing, then donate in honor of the tween marketed Twilight!

Next time I can donate is January 17th. Maybe I'll see you there!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

i'm melissa and i'm a chap-a-holic

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I admit, I have a chapstick addiction. I hate chapped lips, on myself or on those I kiss.

I get overjoyed to buy the mega Costco size package.
I can leave on at work,
one in my briefcase,
one in my bag,
one in my jacket, on in my pocket,
one by the bed,
one in the bathroom,

yeah, I got a problem.
But I can quit whenever I want! Honest!

my, how you have

For real.


Something that keeps me motivated is working towards tangible goals. The past few days my focus has been directed at sorting out my next goal (or concurrent goals). Though I strive on the sense of moving forward, sometimes my laundry list of goals itself is what keeps me stagnant. (Aaaa!!! Too many choices! Where to begin? Where to begin???)

My immediate goal for the next couple of days is to sit down and transfer this mental list of goals (ooo, "mentalist"....sorry, humor in my own mind) into a tangible format. Perhaps in an artistic way. There is great potential and great possibility, now to organize my focus. I will share more as this project progresses.

Friday, November 14, 2008

horoscope and career in conflict

Here's my horoscope from yahoo today:

Be careful about how you approach any kind of tense situation today, unless you want to get involved in arguments! Your urge to step in and help someone is admirable, but unwise. It is best to let other people handle their dramas, even if you are somewhat involved. Unless you started the fight, you can't get involved in ending it. Surrounding yourself with peace and quiet is a much healthier and pleasant goal for this day. So if the fur starts flying, head for greener pastures.

Wow, as a mental health therapist, this kind of gets in the way of doing my job. Shoulda taken a personal day. sigh.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

comment for a chance to win!

In an attempt to simplify my life, I am tossing, donating, selling and gifting things away things. This one qualifies as a gift to one lucky commenter.......with one condition: Pay It Forward. Do something kind for someone else.

The description:
Crystal lotus candle holders. Set of 2. Shannon Crystal by Godinger.
(additional pictures on flickr)

To enter:
Leave a comment telling of an act of kindness you have experienced, whether you were bestowing, receiving or witnessing said kindness. Winner will be chosen at random. (All names will be put on pieces of paper and the one Sherman nibbles on first wins. If that isn't unbiased, I don't know what is! Yes, I am a dork.) Please make sure there is a means of contacting you if you should win (email address, email me on flickr, mental telepathy).

Good luck! You have a few days to enter.

Monday, November 10, 2008

a witty saying proves nothing

76.365 alternate
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I completely adore this time of year, when the air gets crisp and the leaves change, fall and blanket the ground.

The sound of feet shwoosh shwoosh shwooshing through piles
While the brisk air make senses come alive.

The smells, simultaneously earthen and heavenly,
grounds my sense.

I love bundling up in clothing to keep warm.
Each layer an added hug of the body.

I love the change of it all
and that hope that this brings.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

and on the topic of license plates

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I will always hold the experiences from living in other states close to my heart. Difficult or joyful, every step has helped me grow. There are things and places and people that I miss from both Colorado and Rhode Island, but they will always be a part of me. Someday, I will go back and visit both locales to re-explore fond memories and create new ones.

Travel on!

f.u.n. at the d.m.v.

it is official
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No, nothing is ever simple, now is it? Since purchasing my car in Colorado, I have moved to two other states. Now, the mere fact of transitioning car registrations is inately a hassle. Add to that doing it while there is still a lein on it and you have a recipe for a grande headache.

First off, you have to have the original bill of sale (which of course is still hiding somewhere in moved boxes of papers....or did RI take my last copy?). Luckily, I got another copy mailed to me from the dealership.

Then you need a copy of the title with the leinholder. In some states (Colorado and Rhode Island included) the leinholder receives the original until it is paid in full, at which time you would receive a clean copy of the title. Not so in New York. The possessor of the car gets the title with the leinholder on it, then when it is paid off, you trade in the title for a clean one. A couple of weeks ago, I contacted the bank back west and requested a certified copy of the title. When I went down to the DMV with what they had mailed me, the DMV informed me that it was not certified. Luckily, a branch of my leinholding bank is in the same lot as the DMV. They were very helpful, notorizing my title copy and typing up a letter giving me permission to register the car.

Trouble averted. I went back and was able to register with ease. So, I am once again, the proud driver of a car with NY plates! Luckily, the future moving plans keep me in the same state. But I think I will brave the Long Island traffic for a spell before moving again.....and wait until AFTER I pay off the loan.