Tuesday, April 28, 2009

i found her

She was hiding in my soul all along! I have reunited with my inner athlete! She's been hiding in the shadows since high school, lo those many years ago, watching and waiting for just the right time to spring forth into the forefront.
As a youngster and in my teens, I was immersed in sports and play. My childhood was full of energy and running, playing outside, biking around the neighborhood with hoards of neighborhood kids creating new games and playing old fashioned stick ball. I loved being the only girl in little league and ice hockey. I was thrilled to be running around the soccer field. Volleyball was fun times. Softball allowed me to see classmates in the summer while being active. Field hockey taught me knew skills. I loved learning new things and even took up ballet at 16 years of age. Luckily, my parents provided me with all I needed to pursue these endeavors, financially and emotionally. I loved all of it and this athletic part of myself, but time and life changed and I lost touch with this integral core me.

These past couple of days I have re-experience this inner athletic passion. I have no understanding as to how or why now, but it is there and it is real. I assume it is just the right time for her to be here. Mind you, I will not be running any marathons...yet, but I am embracing this passion and I wish to utilize it to excel in my fitness level and athletics. Most importantly, I am using this to re-embrace myself for she and I are one in the same.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

today i will try something new

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Today, I will try to do things in a different way.
Today, I started with yoga.
Today, is the first day I am doing yoga twice a day.
Today, I am opening my eyes wider than before.
Today, I am spending time with one of my favorite women.
Today, I am doing my very best.
Today, I am being extra kind towards myself.
Today, I am savor every moment.
Today, I am breathing deeper than before.
Today, I am loving endlessly.

Monday, April 20, 2009

still in love after all these hikes

Despite the (internal) stress, I truly loved this weekend. Spending time with Groovy, hiking, hanging with the folks, watching Sherman hop around like a mad hare, and being somewhat productive were all incredibly enjoyable. Most of the time, it is these simple things that make life worth living.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

wish list

I wish to find and compile random outdoor metal chairs and tables in bright colors, or ones that can be painted in bright colors, to set up an outdoor sitting area. I wish for a comfortable space in our garden so we can have friends visit this year and share some laughs, good times and create new memories.

I wish for a good garden hose, the kind that does not kink and rolls and unrolls with ease.

I wish for better organization skills to keep my living space in order.

I wish for continued enthusiasm for life.

I wish for a bountiful fruit and vegetable garden. So bountiful we can share with loved ones.

I wish to add color to the world everyday.

I wish for sprigs of fresh mint to add to fresh made lemonade.

I wish for home grown tomatoes from Groovy's Topsy Turvy.

I wish for fresh organic cilantro for Sherman to goggle down with joy (gosh he loves his cilantro).

I wish for a new doors that lets in more daylight.

I wish for a free standing yet powerful air conditioner, so we can take the window one out and have a little more daylight as well.

Friday, April 17, 2009

p u! what's that stink???

Why, it's me!
Here's a fact that is unnecessary to your life, but now you will know anyway: I brush my teeth before taking a shower in the morning. So there I was, toothbrush in hand about to rinse said brush for the first post initial tooth scrubbing rinse. Being the good conservationist that I (try to be) am, I do not turned the faucet on until a few minutes into my extensive brushing process. No, really, I brush my teeth for a good chunk of time and multitask out of necessity and productivity. Heck, I brush my teeth so much my previous toothbrush broke mid-handle. Anyway, as I turned the faucet on out came... mud, or regular coffee, or perhaps some alien vital liquid. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!" I silently though and wondered "do I have time to head over to my parents to use their shower?" My simple reply: "No."

Sigh, what a way to start the day! I "freshened up" the best I could, rinsed my toothbrush with mouthwash, tied my hair up, put on some clean clothes and off I went to work. No one gagged as I walked by me at the office, so that is a good sign.

Now that the water is running clear, I better go chisel the two day grime off of me and head to bed. Never a dull moment.


Smithtown, NY is "[m]aking changes to the area's zoning category, Wholesale and Service Industry, to permit more uses would update an antiquated list of businesses - which still includes, for instance, burlap and cabbage product manufacturing."

Now where am I going to get my burlap and cabbage products?????


If you would be so kind, vote for my friend Stevie GB so he can get this comedy gig. You can vote 1 time each day through April 30th from each computer and it only takes a few seconds. Not only is he funny, but he is a nice guy as well. Trust me, I'm a good judge of character...Hey! What? Why are you laughing??? Stop that!!! I AM a good judge of character!

Oh, just vote for him. Please.


Much thanks,


Thursday, April 16, 2009


Wonder if I will get some readers who are searching for:

ass varnishing,
trumpet twirlers,
tap dancing goats,
orange metallic low riders,
ice cream shoes,
retroactive meat puppets,
cardigan money shots?

I still get so many readers from those searching for lesbian midget mud wrestlers, DIY grow boxes, and acera palms. Not all at the same time, mind you.

zzzzzzz...wha? morning already?!?!

To sleep, perchance to...well, sleep. I so enjoy sleep. A time in life that included afternoon naps seemed so much brighter. When I have had consecutive full nights of sleep, I am mentally sharper, physically calmer and happier. Yet, knowing this...having experienced this...I have, as of late, been robbing myself of sleep. Life and career has interrupted my afternoon naps. But I am the sleep thief at night. I enjoy the feeling of calm I experience in the evening with leisurely pursuits of reading, spending time with Groovy and Sherman and expressing some creativity. I love the pre-bed yoga that helps me transition from awake to sleep (thought that has been happening around 11:30 pm). Especially on the days that my work schedule mandates me staying in the office until 9:00pm followed by a 27 mile commute home, I need to unwind and indulge in the evening rituals.

The timeline is taking it's toll and it is time for a change. You know how I know this? My normal 1.5 cups of morning java just became a 3 cup event. Tonight, I yoga and transition earlier. That is the plan at least.

Now, where did I place that coffee mug?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I think my barren uterus has triggered a desire to continue adopting furry friends. Oh, thank god, I don't like cats or I would truly BE the scary cat lady down the block that all the neighborhood kids are afraid of. Egads! Do not worry, I still only have Sherman...at this point.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

...easy as 1-2-3

Yesterday marked the one hundred twenty-third consecutive days of yoga. Yes 123 days of a daily yoga practice. What I have learned thus far:

My body is much more capable of change than I could have ever imagined.

I am able to forward bend, straight legged and put my palms flat on the floor for the first time in my life. No, seriously, I was not even flexible as a kid. This, my friends, is a major achievement.

Yoga makes everything in my life easier. The openness and calm this practice creates for me helps me approach everything with a sense of groundedness, even in the face of chaos.

Despite what some say, in my experience, yoga is helping me drop pounds, directly and indirectly. Not only does it burn calories and increase muscle mass, it helps me approach health and weight loss differently than ever before. It is working for me.

Finding time to practice is the kindest thing I am doing for myself. I feel wonderful, physically and mentally when I practice. It is never a chore to practice, even if I do not get to it until 11:30pm. My days feel complete when I do yoga.

My mind is opening up to more possibilities. Be it the clarity and focus, or the decreased level of stress, my mind is increasingly flexible and able to see new potential in myself and in the world around me.

I am in awe when my body spontaneously enters into a pose that I had not been able to do before. I have even been heard uttering "holy shit!" at times, such as when I entered wheel pose without so much as a thought. I was aware of doing the "prep" poses as usual and when the instructor prompted full expression of the pose, I simply did. Up I went into a back bend with ease as if I was a kid playing gymnastics in the yard. Yes, that induced a "holy shit!" followed by pure bliss.

I am thrilled that I put myself up to the 30-Day Yoga Challenge. It was what I needed at an ideal time, and yoga has become a natural part of my life both on and off the mat. I am grateful to my mother for having introduced me to yoga when I was a child through her own practice. I am grateful that Groovy completely respects my dedication to my practice and even participates on occasion. I am grateful to myself for allowing this gift to flow into my life.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


...to the world, Alec Corbin.

My beautiful best friend and her beautiful new son. 8lbs 11oz. born 4.11.2009

Happy Easter

Happy Easter
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Happy Easter, y'all!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Thursday, April 9, 2009

new blog?

I am contemplating starting a blog in addition to the ol' Dr. Schnook and my Finding Maitri. The theme of the new blog is about the experiences and lessons learned as a mental health counselor. There are so many wonderful blessing I have received by working in the field that I would love to share to you, dear readers. Lessons that apply to us as human beings living this experience of life. Lessons that are too precious to keep to myself. I have pondered this blog concept before, but now the time seems right. Give me a few days. I will keep you updated, Fans of Schnook! I love you all.



Monday, April 6, 2009

dreamed last night...

Dreamed this morning that a new baby boy was born into the world.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

*insert deep cleansing breath here*

I feel inspired.
I feel renewed.
I feel overjoyed.
I feel light.
I feel love.

I am inspiration.
I am renewal.
I am joy.
I am light.
I am love.

Friday, April 3, 2009


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photo by me.
photo manipulation by greg groovy.

I love how things that start out goofy can become something completely different. We were just being silly taking pics of Greg with a faux devil's lock as a goof. Then Greg got at it with photoshop and created a gritty portrait.

We make a good team in my not-so-humble opinion.

mighty mighty bosstones

Thursday, April 2, 2009

mmmm worms!

Upon returning from a short but enjoyable bike ride, I decided to do some yard and garden preparation.

First there was the remains of a bale of timothy hay. I dove in and spread it on the ground against the fence to inhibit some early spring weed growth and to be turned under when it is closer to planting time.

Next, additional stepping stones were placed to continue the foot path next to the walkway. The walkway is just fine, but when lugging large grocery bags (big blue Idea bags kick serious butt in the get-all-the-groceries-down-the-stairs-in-one-fail-swoop way) or laundry it gets a little tight. The stepping stones are actually re-purposed floor tiles. Hey, they work.

Cleaning out some of the gardens and pots of last growing seasons remnants was next. Not too much to do but it got my hands in the dirt.

Finally, on to tending to the compost. It looks rich and deep and ready for nurturing. Since the ground is still moist from yesterday's rain, I went hunting for some juicy earthworms to see if they want to take up residence in the compost bin. Fifteen or so worms later, I figured that was enough. Good luck little fellas, happy scrap consumption!

It feels wonderful to do such things. Getting my hands dirty and smelling the soil. Simplicity among the chaos that is life!