Thursday, July 31, 2008

happy birthday, greg

happy birthday
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Yesterday was Groovy's birthday.
He received a cocktail drum set.
From me.
Think the landlords will mind?

Sunday, July 27, 2008

new blog

Hello loyal readers and newbies alike. I have decided to begin a second blog. As a mental health counselor, it is vital that I keep my personal life, thoughts and information separate from my work life. By not allowing clients to know too much about me it keeps the therapeutic relationship professional and solid boundaries make therapy much more effective. The other reason is that I want a place where I can write more personal posts without having to worry about compromising my therapy practice.

What is this other blog, you ask? I have decided it is fitting to title it Finding Maitri. Maitri, or metta, means lovingkindness. This is a forum where I am documenting my journey of find lovingkindness for myself; something I struggle with daily. Though I am mostly open and honest in this blog, I am allowing Finding Maitri to evolve into a documentation of my personal journey where I am letting myself be completely vulnerable and open about my struggles and growth, my pains and discoveries, and my fears and joys.

Finding Maitri is by invite only, however, I am opening it up to anyone whom I know personally, those that I trust and/or have already developed online friendships with, and those of you that I can verify who you are (If I do not know you, as long you can give me some evidence that you are not linked to my workplace, I'll grant you access. I know, I hard to prove a negative, but try anyway.)

Let me know if you want me to send you an invite (most of you know multiple ways of getting in touch with me). I just need your email address to send you an invite. And fear not, Dr Schnookleheimer fans, I will continue my scribed gallivanting on here.

alive after 5...6...and 7

Alive After 5
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I had a blast on Friday seeing some old friends and listening to a Dead cover band that was actually rather good. A couple of these friends were those I have not seen in about 17 years. The one under my arm is my kick-ass friend John who was in from San Diego.

Good times, good times.

We were at something called Alive After 5 in Patchogue, NY. It's their summer event that occurs on Fridays...after 5 (duh). The town blocks off a stretch of Main Street and has a bunch of bands playing and vendors hocking their wares (and apparently Costco memberships. When street fairs go corporate....go figure). This is the first summer in a long time that I got to be there. It's grown and the past two Fridays have been amazing little mini-reunions. Rock it! See you there next week, folks. Maybe this time I'll bring my camera instead of swiping O.P.P.'s (Other Peoples' Photos)

photo credit: Rob Lehnert

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

with love

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Sometimes I come home
after a long day at work
and am surprised
by a random gift
from Groovy

And it usually comes at a time that I need it the most.

Yesterday, I came home to this awesome green metal watering can with a homemade book-style card containing hand-drawn sweetness.

Sometimes I am reminded by something so sweet that my life rocks.

Sunday, July 20, 2008


I try to every day
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I try to every day.... and hopefully the plants and herbs know how to read.

for mom

And anyone else who grew up on Sesame Street.
8. That's our number.

Now you know the words.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

the harvest has just begun

The first cherry tomato was juicy, sweet and delicious.

Both tomato plants are growing little green buds.

The zucchini is flowering like crazy, as is the big bertha peppers.

The jalapeno plants are finally starting to thrive.

The herbs garden of basil, parsley and chives is taking shape.

The marigolds are blooming, seeding and regrowing.

Onions are sprouting.

The squirrel is digging less.

And the gargoyle is...well, just sitting there.

The summer heat is on.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

the circle

Coming around full circle
or upward spiral
diving in head first

is there any other way?

bad dog!

bad dog!
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Who said the rich do not have a sense of humor? I guess a little bit of mirth softens the barbed wire just a wee bit.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

of all the things i understand (a.k.a. r__ant)

I do not understand why someone would pay a decent sum of money to see the performances of bands they presumably like only to spend the whole time involved in inane conversation or perpetual text message conversations.

I am not referring to the two females who bantered back and forth across their male counterparts' seats in identically nasal-toned whining voices. These two had an in-depth conversation about why they chose the seats they were in, redundantly laughing and reiterating which one of them picked that row and how they could have picked different seats but did not. As annoying as this potato chip conversation was, at least it was during the span when the stage crew was setting up for the headliner. Incidentally, this group moved from these "perfectly chosen seats" just before the headlining act commenced their set. Guess the seats were not that good. But, no, this is not what I am referring to with puzzlement. What annoyance I mean can be illuminated by the next group that sat in those very seats. Within this group were a male and female who decided their conversation was much more relevant than the music everyone paid to see. Not only did they continue their conversation song after song, but they projected it so loudly that those of us sitting in front of them could enjoy each poignant sentence. Needless to say, general admission allowed us to move our seat so as to not interrupt their pillow talk. I just do not understand why someone would pay good money to have a conversation they could have had for free while not irritating those trying to enjoy the music.

The next thing I do not get are the people that spend the shows on their cell phones or text messaging the entire concert. I am not referring to those that use their cells to find their buddies in the crowd, because that works logistically well and it is presumably short term use. Those individuals still pay attention to what they paid to see. I am talking about people who spend the whole show texting or talking to people as if they where having coffee together and catching up. You may be thinking this is selfish of me, especially in the case of texting because they would not be as distracting as the excessive talkers referenced above. But, alas, they are distracting. In a dark audience, a cell phone screen illuminates quite brightly and, yes, it is distracting to those sitting around you. I find it disturbing that at any given point in time, you can see three or more people text messaging.

Do I just come from a time when people went to concerts to actually see, hear and experience the bands performing? I can not even use the "kids these days" retort because at least half of these offenders are around my age! I would rather be surrounded by beer guzzling frat boys who actually enjoy the music and sing every word to every tune than to be subjected to these inconsiderate people who have no interest in the concert experience.

Put down the gosh-damn cell phones, save your blackberry converstations until later and shut the fuck up when the bands are on! Are you that important that you must bless those around you and at the other end of your communication device at every minute of the day???!!! Yeah, I did not think so. Oh right, I are there to brag to your friends that you were at the show even if you didn't actual pay attention to it. You know what, you can text that very sentiment from your bedroom at the same time as the show and they would be none the wiser. That way everyone gets what they want. Come on, be considerate to those of us who simply love the music.

Now, do not get me started about people trying to leave the parking lot post concert....... ARRRRG! Yes, I feel better now.

Monday, July 14, 2008

it's the impression that i get

what the hell?
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Oh folks, the show was great. I always love seeing The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, and Dropkick Murphys were amazing. I really need to vent about the inconsiderate dolts that are some concert goers. Alas, it will have to wait for now since I need to recover from the weekend trip and need to head out to work soon.

Consider this a teaser. You have been warned.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

it is a good day

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I put my coffee on the coaster next to the computer and this is what I saw. My beautiful cup o' joe illuminated perfectly by the small amount of sun that peeks in our basement apartment window for five minutes in the a.m.

Perfect timing.

No need to edit.

Considering I did not have a sip of my caffeinated delight at the point of this capture, it's a miracle I was alert enough to take photo action.

I drink.

Yes, it's a good morning.

Friday, July 11, 2008

i'm shipping up to.....pawtucket

for a concert at least.

Where did I go? Pawtucket. Cannot wait for tomorrow night.

Start stomping!


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

rock it like it's 1984

rock it like it's 1984
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In 1984, as a young lass, I said this to my mother:

"Mom, all of my friends wish they were 16 or 18-years-old already. But I just want to be eleven because I only get to be eleven for one year and will never get to be it again."

With that flashback in mind, this year you will only be (insert current chronological age here) for one year. What will you do with it? There are no "do overs". Let's make the most of this "here and now" but remember that even though you can not be eleven again, it is still okay to play. I know that eleven year old Melissa is there in my heart. Oh and she wanted me to tell you, "Tag! You're it!"

squirrel jerky, anyone?

Yes, I know, I know. Scowl meanly at me for being a bad vegetarian! But, Houston, we have a problem. I have accepted the fact that my battle with weeds is uphill. I've accepted the fact that we do not have the best amount of sunlight for my tomato plants. I've even accepted the fact that the soil in the side yard is extremely sandy in spots. But the squirrel digging in my herbs has got to stop. After doing some research on humane ways to ward the little diggers off, I think I will just start a squirrel jerky stand next to the neighborhood kids lemonade stand. Mmmmm jerky and a refreshing sugary beverage, what could be better?

Alright, alright, I'll try the hot red pepper flakes first. But if not...... who's up for some jerky?

Sunday, July 6, 2008

never eat a mango when you have no dental floss

That's some sound advice.

Mango = yummy
Mango fiber in teeth = damn girl! go see a dentist! that's nasty!

Took some photos this weekend but have not downloaded them yet.

Started a new tai chi class (a different form then the one I had learned in the past) and quite enjoyed it.

Acupuncture tomorrow morning.

Mango + tai chi + acupuncture = happy me!

I have no idea why I keep writing in short blurbs. Perhaps it is for the short attention span in all of us.

Ooo shiney object!

More old friends keep resurfacing.

Life is amazing! Even better after I floss.

Goodnight, Moon!
Love you all!


Saturday, July 5, 2008

Friday, July 4, 2008

Thursday, July 3, 2008

deja voodoo

It had been like a Universal-acid-trip-flashback bringing people from the past into the present (at least cybernetically). A high school graduating class website where I actually know a majority of the people who have signed up so far (quite a feat against the odds when considering I graduated with 1350 people and less than 75 are on there....Oh yeah, that was a small class, my bro's was 1600+. Last day of school you could still run into a classmate that you had never met before. Heck, I only heard of the valedictorian on graduation day. To this day, I still know the name Evan Adelstein. Come to think of it, I never heard it again after that. Alright, enough with this big high school back to your regularly scheduled blog... Other old friends are popping up on those supremely time-wasting networking sites that are proving to be quite the reconnecting mecca of old, dear friendhoodness. My high school sweetheart has reemerged after a long, long time. For goodness sake, a college buddy just contacted me on "visage tome" (get it?) and he's living in Istanbul (not Constantinople). Crazy, I tell you. Wonder who else is going to show up? Crazy indeed, but I like it. It is wonderful reconnecting with all of them for sure.....ah, anyway.
For your listening pleasure, the song that has been in my head since friend in Istanbul emailed earlier today:

p.s. Please forgive any typos or grammatical hodge podge. Today was a 12 hour work day, so I'm spent.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

what's happening

In the grand scheme of things, I really did not miss the Internet these past couple of weeks. It made paying bills a little inconvenient, but overall it was a nice break and good to see that I am not dependent on such things. I remember when I first moved to Colorado and got rid of my cell phone for reasons of being a poor grad student. At first, I had such anxiety around not being connected 24/7 until I realized the ridiculousness of such attachments. Now the phone and Internet are simply conveniences and minor tools for research and contact, rather than necessities. It is quite freeing to embrace this.

Of the benefits of being "re-computered" and reconnected is the ability to work on some digital photography. I am looking forward to the three day weekend to take a hike (yeah, people tell me to take a hike often. I don't know why they are so concerned with my physical activity. Ha!) and take along the camera for some photo ops.

A few updates for you:
- I just got over being wicked sick and am doing much better, thank you. (Yes, I still have some New England in me...ah, wicked.)

- I am contemplating signing up for an art class at the local college to hone my skills again (it's been a long time since I was an art major)

- Now that I have a set schedule, I found a couple of new yoga studios to try out, as well as two tai chi classes (one is the form I learned in Colorado, the other is a completely different form that I know little about).

- My caseload at work is slowly starting to fill up so I am thrilled with that.

- The garden is growing. Peppers, tomatoes, lots of herbs, flowers and squirrel jerky (that is, if the squirrel continues to dig up our plants.....hey PETA, I'm kidding).

- I created a craft space to work on my jewelry. I even made a few new pieces the other day.

- I started researching schools again: Nutrition (to become an RD), PhD and PsyD programs (not sure what concentration yet: clinical, counseling, social psych, health counseling, etc.)

- Planning some day hikes.

- Planning a weekend trip to Providence to see a show and visit some New England friends.

- Trying to clean through stuff to thin out my possessions and donate and/or dispose of the unnecessary hoo-ha. Space cleansing, yay!

Basically, life is rather lovely and the stuff that is not is being taken care of (future blog I am sure).

Practice kindness by purity of thoughts, purity of words and purity of actions every day.