Saturday, January 8, 2011

season of change

season of change
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I have always adored winter. As a child getting to go sledding instead of school because the snow was piled high was such a joy. As for the cold temperatures, I believe that you can always put more clothing on. In the sweltering heat of summer, you can only take so much off before you get arrested.

Lately, what I love about winter is getting to observe the landscape change day to day, sometimes even hour by hour. No scenes change as much as they do in winter as snow cyclically falls and melts. At any given moment, the same view can appear drastically different. It helps remind me that even at times of seeming stagnation, the world is constantly in flux.

Change is certainly in the air, in more ways than one. I shall leave this post about the weather. The rest is a tale for another day.


bumby said...

hmmmmm enigmatic

Brandi Reynolds said...

such a beautiful photo.

you know, I used to hate winter. I think the 'dead-ness' of it brought light to areas of 'dead-ness' in me that was hard to deal with. And also, I, like many people, had a hard time wiht change. It's only in the last few years that I can appreciate the season and it's meanings. And as a southern girl that's not used to cold, I'm also learning to just bundle up and get out in it! ;-)

Jane said...

I used to love snow as a kid. We had a big hill behind our house and we would sled for hours. As an adult I find myself liking it less because now I'm the adult who has to shovel it and deal with the kids who have no interest sledding on a snow day. However, I was driving just the other day after a snow storm and it took my breath away when I realized how beautiful it looks clinging to the trees.

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