Saturday, August 20, 2011

well hello there

It's been a while. What have you been up to this past month?
As for me, life keeps happening whether or not I am blogging about it. Just a few things I've been up to: working on building my private therapy practice, tried to bring another dog into the family which didn't work out, organized my book shelves, planning for the next adventure (more on that later), and transitioned from pesca-lacto-ovo vegetarian to lacto-ovo vegetarian. I've been enjoying lots of organic and homegrown goodies this summer, as well as having a fenced in yard to let the dog romp leash-free. Taking my vitamins every day has been on an upswing, but exercising every day has not (tsk tsk). My toe is broken...again...the exact same way I broke it a couple of months ago (who the heck put that couch leg there?). I've been feeling detached yet completely connected. Tomorrow my beautiful nephew gets baptized. (I will bring my fire extinguisher in case I burst into flames when I enter the church.) I find myself bubbling over with love in my heart and want to share it with the world.
Okay, your turn. Go!

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