Friday, October 21, 2011

the adventures continue

Holy crow, have I been in no mood to write or what? So much has been going on, some of which I am not ready to write about here yet. (Oh the suspense!) Other things have been trying.

First off, hurricane Irene swept through. The hurricane itself left us unscathed. Unfortunately, while we were under mandatory evacuation, the burglars decide to not evacuate...until they robbed my house blind. The positive outcome of this (a positive outcome of being robbed???) is that some relatives not only replace the window that was smashed out for entry, but generously replaced all of the windows that were original to the house (1960).

On the work front, the office I was renting at didn't work out. (They gave me NO notice, just left me a voice message that I can no longer rent the office the day before I work. Yes, a voice message. Coincidentally this was the week after they brought in another therapist who they were friends with and gave her many hours, including the one day I rented. But that must just be coincidence.) Luckily I found an amazing office to rent. Now to get on the marketing and get me some clients.

On the personal front, life is great. Everyone is healthy and well. My nephew is growing more amazing every day. The rabbits and dog are sweet and loving as always. Though I still feel the need to rescue another dog, right now is not the right time. Doctor said I'm vitamin D deficient (really, Melissa, but you tan so much???? ha ha ha) so I've added that to my daily supplements. We'll see how that goes. Two weeks and I feel no different but maybe it's making an internal difference. Guess I will find out next blood test.

I'm enjoying the leaves beginning to turn bright colors and the crispness in the air! Well, I'm off to run some errands with the puppy and visit my folks to see their new kitchen floor. Oh, and I've got exciting stuff in the works. Will definitely write about it soon.

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Mykuljay said...

Wow - I'm impressed with how you managed to put a positive spin on life's events. I suppose that is the secret to life in general. The old "when life gives you lemons...." saying.

No notice. Just a voice mail? Amazing society we live in. I'd love an invite to your other blog... mykuljay1757 at yahoo dot com if you're in the mood for inviting.

Nice post. I needed a positive mind set.