Tuesday, November 18, 2008

i'm melissa and i'm a chap-a-holic

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I admit, I have a chapstick addiction. I hate chapped lips, on myself or on those I kiss.

I get overjoyed to buy the mega Costco size package.
I can leave on at work,
one in my briefcase,
one in my bag,
one in my jacket, on in my pocket,
one by the bed,
one in the bathroom,

yeah, I got a problem.
But I can quit whenever I want! Honest!


ann michele said...

well at least you don't take a stick, take the top off and stick your little fingers down in it and eat the parts that get pushed up out of the tube.

that's what avery does if she can get her hands on a stick of chapstick.

we can never find ours. never.

Melissa said...

ooo maybe Avery is on to something...