Tuesday, December 8, 2009

small victories but i'm happy about them

Two small victories:

Thursday's yoga class will be day number 365 in my 30-Day Yoga Challenge.

Wednesday of next week: yellow belt

Yeah, yeah, I know, the belt just means I attended enough classes to advance, but both of these accomplishments are huge for me considering historically I have a really bad record in "staying power." It used to be that I would go into a new endeavor all gung-ho...which would soon fizzle out as I lost interest. For whatever reason, I have found passion in both yoga and kickboxing. (Contradictory activities? Only at face value.) I have reconnected with parts of myself I had been missing for far too long through these practices and that is also why I am celebrating these "little" victories.

Yay me! (patting self on back...then realizing being humble is a good thing...opps!) Yes, I am happy.


vanessa/NessieNoodle said...

so in otherwords you just did your practice for an entire year!
WOW you rock. I would not call that a small victory at all Melissa.
that is HUGE.

I also love kick boxing, haven't done it in years.

thanks for always stopping by my blog- I have been really bad about getting back to people.

hope you are well~

Nanimal said...

dude! 365!

also... humble is OK...but proud of oneself is awesome. I am geeked for you

Melissa said...

thank you so much, lovely ladies.