Tuesday, June 29, 2010

whirlwind wedding by a witch in an indian restaurant

Sometimes I need to withdraw in order to recharge.
Sometimes I do it to avoid.
There are times when I am just too darned busy.
And then there is the time I was occupied by getting married.

Anyway, as you see from the brief post below, things have changed. I've gone from Ms. to Mrs. in a three week span. Mind you, the engagement was much longer than that, but we finally got fed up with our lack of actual planning, we set ourselves a deadline of one month. Slacking the first week, we went into high gear the next. What kind of a wedding do you get in three weeks of planning? An amazing one!

My dress was purchased off the rack at Macy's and altered by an amazing seamstress named Rosie. Greg got dolled up in a new dapper suit. Found a minister online and by recommendation of my yoga teacher. (Turns out she is a Wiccan in her personal life but the ceremony was tailored to us as a civil ceremony.) We booked the private room at The Curry Club (Lake Grove location) with amazing food and impeccable service. I made the centerpieces. My mother and I created a head piece using a broach that was my grandmother's. Family and friends photographed us. The whole day went without a hitch (well, except for the getting hitched part). We then planned a last minute getaway to Niagara Falls and stayed in Tarrytown/Sleepy Hollow on the way back for some biking on the Hudson and some grave visiting.

After returning home, Greg and Boddington were in a car accident. Other than being shaken up and some minor aches and pains for Greg, they are both fine. His car, however, looked like a Picasso. Onward to new car buying!

Boddington was neutered (poor boy) and is healing nicely. The only thing hurting is his ego. He has earned some new nicknames in the process including Funnel Face and Space Dog. He also had three deciduous teeth that needed pulling so he's healing at both ends.

Now the house hunting begins. Time to move beyond apartment dwelling and get a small place with a fenced yard and (god willing) a dishwasher! (I really dislike doing dishes.)

Well, the wide world awaits me! Off I go... but I will be back soon.