Friday, July 2, 2010

everybody's working for the weekend

After a week of dealing with disaster at work including a flooded building and union stuff, I am ready for the weekend. My head is stuffed with congestion (thanks mold, mildew, sheet rock dust and, of course, too many thoughts) and my body and mind are plagued with tiredness. I am thrilled for the upcoming three-day weekend to recoup and recharge. Thank you 5th of July!

I want to make this weekend count.
I want to cleanse and refresh.
I want to create something meaningful.
I want to enjoy the joys in my life.
I want to watch fireworks.
I want to make my own sparks.
I want to stretch and move.
I want to give my love away.
I want to breathe out tension.
I want to breathe in the sunshine.
I want to live the life of a puppy.

What are your plans this weekend?

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