Thursday, August 12, 2010

to kill or not to kill, that is the question

To add to the reasons why I dislike this area: THIS GUY, living in the "Heart of Long Island," beat his 7 month old bloodhound to death. He tragically tortured a puppy. Why? Because the puppy ran out of the back gate of his property. This truly disgusts me.

Not nearly as disgusting but bothersome none the less are the reactions of people wishing to have the same fate taken out on the man. (An eye for an eye?) I pondered this for a bit. Now do not get me wrong, this guy deserves a severe punishment. But if the law allowed, would taking his life via death sentence be any more "right" than his killing of the puppy? What about if this guy killed a rapist or another murderer? Does that change your opinion? Does man-made law make killing ethically correct?

The death penalty. It's interesting that we can make killing an action permissible by state law, but assisted suicide is illegal everywhere. This is a strange, strange place indeed.

Just some things to ponder. Your thoughts?

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