Sunday, August 8, 2010

settle down, you nomad

Many of you know that, for a major portion of my life thus far, I have resided on Long Island (or The Island of Long, as I like to refer to it). This has not been a continuous thing. I spent many years moving around to various apartments in Colorado and Rhode Island. Having landed back on the shores of my birth (two more apartments worth) thoughts of finally living in a place where I can paint the ceiling fuchsia on a whim if the feeling grabs me have filled my mind. House hunting (sounds so barbaric) is in the forefront of my mind.

Being of limited funds (I'm not working as a therapist for the riches) causes limited options. After a few weeks of looking in affordable, non-gang infiltrated areas, I posed a question to myself: If money was not a factor, where on Long Island would I live? Well, frankly, I stumped myself. There are many places I wouldn't mind living, but what town would I WANT to live... none of them. Please don't misunderstand, there are some really lovely places, towns, attractions, and activities on the Island that are wonderful. Additionally, I love being close to my family and friends. It is just that this query made me realize that I do not particularly want to be living here.

The traffic, rudeness, overabundance of inhabitants and the lack of quiet spots to just be with my thoughts all make me question being back here for the long run. Public transportation is not well designed and is pricey, bike paths are often dangerous to travel on and it is difficult to live here without a personal fuel utilizing vehicle. Let us not even talk about the exuberant cost of living. Despite all this negative, the idea of having a place to call home that is truly home makes me salivate. Thankfully, we are not on any sort of deadline to move. There is ample time to figure it all out.

I posed this question to friends who are or were from the Island, most of them focused on the negatives of living here, but I am still curious to keep asking others the question, so please comment and share your thoughts:

What town on Long Island would you want to live in and why? (If you do not know the Island personally, go by what you know about it.)

Where off the island (other places in NY, states, or countries) would you want to live and why?


Jane said...

I'm at the same place in my life. I've wanted a house for so very long. We almost bought one in NJ two years ago but we had to back out at the last minute. We've been renting outside of Philadelphia in a very overpriced area AND it is pretentious and we do not want to stay here for the long haul. It is home for a few years until my kids finish high school. But what do we do for the next 7 years? We don't want to keep renting but we don't want to buy a house that isn't worth the price tag. If there are no children involved, I would be inclined to search all kinds of areas. There are good deals to be had in this market.

Brandi Reynolds said... know, I consider it a huge win for me that I look around where I live (dallas) and think, I like it here, I don't really long to live anywhere else.

BUT...other places that I think I would like living would be texas hill country or a warm coastal area like the carolinas