Saturday, December 4, 2010

get off your ass, stop posting on facebook...

...and actually DO something.

As I watch more and more people changing the profile pictures to cartoon characters "to promote awareness of child abuse," "to help end the cycle of abuse" and "to join the fight against child abuse" I find myself getting more irritated.

Awareness is great but how about doing something more than just changing your profile picture and copying-pasting a blurb from the last person's post? How about going out and volunteering a few hours with Big Brothers/Big Sisters or the Boys and Girls Club? How about donating needed items or money to organizations that are helping? How about volunteering at an adolescent/teen shelter? How about becoming a foster parent and giving a loving home to an abused or neglected child?

First start taking action, then post what you are doing. Don't post for the praise and admiration of being a good person, but to encourage others to take action, too. I am sure an abused child does not look at your facebook picture and think, "Wow, that guy posted a picture of Underdog so now my father won't beat me anymore!" When you take action, that same child can believe that there are people that will truly care.

Thanks for hearing me rant. If my anger encourages even one of you, I'd be satisfied.

In gassho,

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