Monday, June 27, 2011

shake your booty

I declare today Shake Your Booty Day. At some point today do a little booty shaking dance of joy, just because. In case you need some inspiration:
This is the start of week two of only working one day a week. Let me tell you, this is wonderful! (One of the reasons I feel like shaking my booty.) I feel alive again. This may have to do with the increase in sleep and decrease in stress.

Of course, having less work doesn't mean I am sitting around eating bonbons. Having a new house, there are lots of projects to get done. Many of which are creative and fun, others, well, those are tasks but must get done. Maybe if I shake my booty while doing them, they won't seem tedious.
I am loving spending more time with the animals (two rescue rabbits and a rescue dog in case you are keeping score) and taking lots of walks. I am loving having time to make some new and exciting vegetarian meals. I am loving having time to engage in creative endeavors. I am loving fully embodying the joy in my life.
fill your day with
booty shaking.

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Jane said...

I can feel the stress lifting off of you from here! I think it's wonderful that you are restructuring your time to include lots of "ME" time. I think I've got it pretty good right now. 9-3, 10 minute commute. If I really got it together I could probably build in creative time and eventually work that in to a semi-full time work at home gig. But for now, I'm just doing what I'm doing so that we can get our house next year :))