Sunday, December 11, 2011

oh baby

I am so blessed and grateful that my pregnancy has been uneventful thus far. Besides some minor "ickies" like heartburn and difficulty feeling comfortable through a full night sleep, it is really a wonderful experience. All the tests keep coming back with good results and I feel completely at ease with the whole process. Of course, there are also enjoyable things like pregnancy dreams.

My wonky dreams have touched on different topics:

An entire dream about a waffle iron that was half flat, missing the lovely little waffle craters

Another entire dream about undercooked rice pilaf

One about Harry Connick, Jr. having a crush on me

In another one, a woman was re-insulating my attic. (In real life, she went to my elementary school when we were kids.) The attic was huge, much larger than the house's footprint, and there was a huge picture window that was rotting out and letting in tons of rain water despite it being sunny outside.

My most recent dream involved me spontaneously deciding to run a 10K without any training. All the while I was thinking, "this is probably not a good idea while pregnant," yet I kept running.

One hundred and fifty two days until my estimated due date. That's a whole lot of opportunity for a whole lot of wonky pregnancy dreams.

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Jane said...

This is awesome! Are you keeping a pregnancy dream journal? It would be fun to show your little one someday. Hope all is well at your end and happy holidays to you :)