Tuesday, November 22, 2011

get a job???

I must admit that I allow myself to get triggered by the averring of those people with jobs to the unemployed to "GET A JOB!" I'm not looking to complain or whine, but only to open some peoples' minds and possibly foster some empathy towards people that are struggling.

Here's my story:

I was not only working my last full time job for three years, but I was also working one day a week in a private therapy office renting space. Having purchased a home much further away from the full time job, I started searching for, and found, a job in the county that I reside. I did the right thing and put in my required four week notice at my full time job. Well at the three week mark, the new job offer was rescinded.

I requested to extend my resignation to give myself a cushion to continue job searching but the agency did not allow it. Fortunately, at the private group practice I was renting space at, the income was good. I continued my job search for a full time work but at least there was some income for me. Then that office I was renting was no longer available for rent.

I have continued my job search, started renting an independent therapy office, I have registered with two temp agencies, I am sending out copies of my resume to openings every week and even pounding the pavement for seasonal work. I have three college degrees and a solid work history. Does any of this sound lazy to you?

I still have no job. The temp agencies haven't had much. The private therapy practice is growing slowly but not yet covering the cost of my rent and additional insurance so I am not even breaking even. I am considered over-qualified for seasonal work that I am very willing to do. Then there is the fact that, though employers are not legally allowed to discriminate or be swayed against pregnant applicants, it's more difficult for a pregnant woman to get hired.

So, when you say or re-post those "Get a job" sentiments think first because it can be perceived as hurtful. Being unemployed and unable to find work to provide for your family despite trying is a difficult situation to handle. So please don't criticize and make assumptions about us. Are there lazy people in this world? Of course there are. Some of them are even employed and don't do squat while at their jobs, but I assume by your posts that they probably have value to you because they've got a job.

Get a job? I'm trying.


Jane said...

AMEN Sister!!!! I got laid off from a 7 year job back in 2009. I searched and searched for a year and a half and finally landed a 30 hour week (part-time with no benefits)in February 2011. Now, in the midst of our house hunting which depends on two incomes, I suspect this current job is in jeopardy. Unless people have felt the pain and frustration and stigma of being unemployed, they have no right to throw stones. I'm afraid of this economy and how it has demoralized so many (and lots of folks hit much harder than me) Plus, at age 47, I am not as social media savvy as the 20 somethings that I compete with. Keep your chin up and Happy Thanksgiving!

Jane said...

just stopping back to let you know I'm at a new home...come over for a visit!

Mykuljay said...

I couldn't agree more with at least one statement. There are indeed those I work with that are lazy and try to not do squat. (Of course their performance shows that as well).

I often tell my team in no uncertain terms that not only should everyone be grateful to have work, they should be performing the best they can so they can KEEP work. Not the most subtle hint huh?