Tuesday, July 3, 2012

fat and happy

Baby and Me

I'm posting this for all of us that read the "I can't believe how quickly I've gotten the baby weight off" posts on message boards and think "sheesh, what the heck is wrong with me and my jiggly body?"
I was overweight pre-getting-knocked-up. I put on close to 60 pounds during pregnancy. I'm many weeks postpartum and I still have some of the baby weight on my already fluffy body.

I'm big.
I'm curvy.
I'm voluptuous.
I have more to hug.
I know it's going to take a lot more time to, not only lose the baby weight, but to also get my fitness swerve back on and reach my goal weight again.
And that's okay!

I'm also happy. This body put on weight to help grow this beautiful, perfect and healthy child sleeping in my arms.
These larger-than-ever breasts nourish her.
These jiggly arms cradle her.
This close-to-double chin gives her a safe spot to nuzzle.
This extra layer of fat keeps her warm when she snuggles up.

The weight will come off and my muscles will have strength and definition again.
In the meantime, I will love every extra inch of this body between now and goal because it belongs to me and my baby. I am no less of a person because there is more of me.
Pure Joy


Jane said...

Melissa, your baby girl is just GORGEOUS! Enjoy this time..it goes fast and before you know it, the weight will come off. I'm 47 so I can tell you this with some experience behind it: at sometime after the babies are born, you get your body back. Life cruises along and then, BAM, the 40's hit and the metabolism changes again leaving you wondering why you can't take the extra weight off that comes with the mid 40's territory. It's all good though :) Enjoy this time!

Stevie G.B. said...

things that make you go AWWW...pffttthhhh and gooba gooba..and other silly sounds...lovely...

Melissa said...

Joyce I am one year away from 40! ack!!! lol