Monday, June 22, 2009

art, music, movement

I find deep inspiration in experiencing (viewing, watching, hearing) passionate creative individuals demonstrating their crafts. Every time I hear musicians' melodies in my ears, watch the strength and fluidity of bodies in motion or view artists' creations my heart swells and my soul dances.

I believe we all have a musician, dancer and artist inside of us. Mine get sparked by viewing others who embody these parts fully in themselves. Recently I have been pondering what would happen if I begin to tap into each of these parts in myself. Will they work in harmony? Will they compete for attention? Will they create a fuller me? Will they distract from each other? Will each one enhance the others or be their cheering section? Will stimulating all of these parts in me create such joy that I burst?

The time feels right to explore the possibilities and answer these questions and more.

Now this is maitri.


molly said...

It is a journey, isn't it? Loving your words. I too feel my heart swell when I'm inspired. What a blessing for that.

Brandi said...

I completely applaud and support your journey! YES! explore!