Wednesday, June 10, 2009

i may have lost my mind

I am contemplating giving up caffeine. Yes. Me. Without coffee. Can you imagine?

My current habit consists of two cups of coffee in the morning and an occasional cup of tea or coffee during the day. Yes, I know this is not a tremendous amount, but it feels more and more like a necessity rather than an enjoyable beverage. Plus, I wonder how I will feel after a period of caffeine-free goodness.

The idea of stopping bubbles up the anxiety. (Or perhaps "percolates") Can anyone say, "addicted?" Ugh. That is not good. That is the perfect sign that it is time to purge my system of the stuff.

This morning I stopped at one cup. This does not seem so bad but we will see how I feel around noon. You might want to avoid me for a spell. I may be cranky. Ha!

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