Sunday, April 4, 2010

i am surrounded by love

i am surrounded by love
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This was one of the most thoughtful gifts I have ever received. The rock bowl in the front was given to me for Christmas by a client. She was always drawn to the rock bowl (middle bowl) I have in my office; my earth element.

She put one rock for each of my years she believes I have lived. She further explained that two of the rocks represent my parents because they "must be wonderful people since they did a great job raising you." She added the bag to represent the love that surrounds her (she is the small heart in the center. A dear friend of hers and I are the two larger hearts). I teared up when she gave this to me.

Sweet, right? However, I believe my true gift is knowing her and many of my other clients that impact my life in such positive ways. As a therapist, it is often perceived that the therapist helps the client, which is true. Therapeutic tools and techniques work, however, the therapist-client relationship is the most healing aspect. Therapists are human and as a human I benefit, albeit in a different way, as much as my clients do. I learn from each one of them. Sometimes, it is by mirroring some of my own "in need of improvement" parts (yes, I still bite my nails when I am bored or stressed) but mostly it is getting the opportunity to get to know these individuals. That are amazing people.

I am thankful everyday for the work I get to do and I hope that you, too, dear readers, are surrounded by love.

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