Thursday, July 8, 2010

my character was judged in a drive-by with flying carbohydrates

When I resided in Colorado, I was free to walk or bike un-bothered, even greeted in a friendly manner quite often.

In Rhode Island, the same activities attracted screams out of car windows apparently in an attempt to startle me for fun.

Now, back in New York, I walk my dog and get insulted, called names and have food products hurled at me. Does that means I have progressively become a horrible person that deserves drive-by "attacks?" My character and looks must have declined exponentially over the past few years. Ha! I have never understood the appeal of insulting strangers for fun. Maybe it's just me, but I prefer giving a friendly hello or smile and nod.

Here are some of the things I have "learned" about myself:

I am a bitch. Who knew someone could just a person's character simply by driving by them?

I need to be honked at excessively. Maybe I look tired and they are trying to keep me alert for the safety of me and my puppy?

I look hungry. Why else would someone hurl a dinner roll at me?

I am less attractive than my dog. Hmm, he really is a good looking dog so I'll chalk this one up as a complement!

I find the humor in some of this, but on a deeper level, I am really disheartened by the decline of respect towards other humans. I also wonder if it is evidence of a regional difference in young people, or if time is rendering youth more obnoxious. Either way, I will continue taking good care of my dog and myself and walking in my neighborhood.

Here is something for the insulters to ponder: Is it really a wise idea to hurl insults at someone carrying a bag of dog poo?


Jagzier said...

Melissa, Thank you for posting this. Your blog is both hysterical and Sad. You know, when I return home to visit Long Island, I am always surprised and disappointed by the lack of respect, and the level of anger and rage people show. I don't understand it myself, and I am thankful to be removed from it.

giniwinilokokukuhaha said...

bearing that in mind, be sure NEVER to tie the bag and ALWAYS to hold the bag in your throwing hand.

or, you can just do what someone advised me to do once: Look back and smile, then pucker and throw them a kiss. They'll never know what hit them.

Brandi Reynolds said...

I totally don't get this at all. I am glad you've got such a wonderful sense of humor about it...

Jane said...

Mean people suck. I do know what you mean about the rudeness of people. Why can't people just acknowledge each other in a positive way? We don't have to be the best of friends but a friendly nod wouldn't hurt anyone. In my neighborhood nobody talks to anyone and some are just downright unpleasant. It makes me sad.

Melissa said...

My solace is, I have met a lot of kind and friendly people and some beautiful dogs of all shapes and sizes along my walks as well. That makes it worth it.

Ann LaGoy said...

I find when riding my bike that I become invisible. Now, when I am pondering which superpower I would rather have, it might be beneficial to be invisible. However, when I am hanging on to my bike handles, and hoping that semi doesn't completely run me over, it doesn't work so well.

Melissa said...

Ann, perhaps the superpower of being rubber so mindless drivers just bounce off of you would be better. Plus, you can probably have a lot of fun bouncing around town.