Tuesday, October 26, 2010

this blog has the bumby seal of approval*

One of the things I enjoy about blogging, is keeping up with friends, old and new. (Old friends as in friends I've known for a long time...not OLD friends...but them too.) I love getting the chance to glimpse into their lives and I love being able to express myself to them and the web that is world-wide. Sometimes I wonder if this self-indulgent expression is too self-indulgent...then I remember that it is okay to be self-indulgent. Yes it is.

Many years ago, I just couldn't understand why people do this blogging thing, but having always been interested in stories of "everyday people" in memoirs, short stories and documentaries. I realized that reading blogs was an additional opportunity to engage with other everyday people.

Do most people care about what I write about? No, of course not. But for the few that I connect with online, it is worth the online time in the blog-o-sphere. I know I have readers, for people comment on here and on FB, but I also know I have lurkers (hi lurkers *waves enthusiastically*) and every now and then, a lurker will make their presence known which adds to my online connections.

*this blog may or may not truly have the Bumby Seal of Approval. I may or may not have made an assumption of this honor. I do, however, encourage you all to keep up with his tales, tall and otherwise.


bumby said...

DOC!!!!!!!!! I am flabbergasted! thrilled! Honored! Humbled! Hungry! (hold on while I go get a snack).............I'm back,

Melissa, I can not begin to tell you how much this ,means to me. I told you before , I love your stuff- it's so genuine and positive and heartfelt. You definitely inspire me to come back to the keyboard and try to put down whatever is rattling about in my head.


Melissa said...

It's official! I'm Approved!!!! *happy dance*
*looking around at the other library patrons*
*sitting back down now*