Tuesday, October 19, 2010

tuesday state of mind

So much on my mind but it is such a tangled ball of yarn, I'll have to be careful around cats today.

I won't bore you with the minutiae of each twist and turn (like that one, Jim?) but my head is filled with goals and house buying
and animal rescuing
and career building
and exercising
and exploring
and arts and crafting
and home redecorating
and all sorts of packing
and various other "-ings" and things.

Sometimes life and so full, it overflows.
And it is good
and brilliant
and joyful.
Even when its a bowl of spaghetti.
With a soy meatless ball on top.

...and this is the tune that's been in my head:

and oddly this one too:


Jane said...

Wonderful list! It makes me want to go make a delicious bowl of pasta with some of my Trader Joe meatless meatballs on top!

Melissa said...

MMMMMM sounds good. When's dinner?