Tuesday, October 26, 2010

trash talk

I never claimed to be a writer and I never will. I write. That is it. I took a look at Naked Without A Pen blog and saw this post: Turning Trash Into Writing and it got me thinking about trash. Walking around my neighborhood quite frequently, me and my dog, Boddington, spy lots of trash, especially considering the main through street has a fast food restaurant at one end. As you would guess, there are lots of discarded fast food bags and wrappers, which probably also accounts for the various bone pieces that Boddie can find anywhere. (Do you know how difficult it is to get a KFC chicken bone out of a dog's mouth? It's not easy, I tell you!) There are the standard roadside trash, like cups and cans, but we have also seen some out of the ordinary trash:

The cap of a fire hydrant in an area that no fire hydrants were missing a cap
A pair of pants, men's, Chinos, khaki
A single marble
Pregnancy tests (two different times, and, no, I don't know the results)
Empty small ziplocks (likely once containing illicit substances)
A plastic army man
The letter "m"
A plethora of losing scratch off tickets (and I mean a plethora)
A single melted crayon, red

You never know what you can find. What oddities have you found roadside?


Jane said...

So true...you never know what you will find. I always look down when I'm walking because I love finding trashy little treasures to take home and use in my art.

bumby said...

Once as I was walking down a country road in Cortland NY, I discovered that someone had dumped two huge boxes of family photos along he the side of the road. The boxes had opened and pictures were strewn among the weeds for about thirty feet.
Needless to say I spent about a half hour standing there harvesting snapshots creating stories in my head the whole time.It was like a scene from a David Lynch Movie

I'll have to look I still think I might have a few of them around

Melissa said...

Jane - I sure hope you don't have any pregnancy tests in your art. But then again, that might really make a statement!

Jim - What an amazing find!

Brandi Reynolds said...

actually YES, I do know how hard it is to get a fast food chicken bone out of a dogs mouth...lol.