Saturday, June 7, 2008

carry all

The past is never far away when you carry it with you

like the mountains of Colorado

or the smell of my grandfather's desk

or holding my best friend's daughters for the first time

or bowing while receiving my degree

or playing man hunt (three versions)

or our first kiss at 12th Avenue and Sherman Street

or realizing I can play a "boys' sports"

or being swung by my parents' hands while walking through a parking lot

or making up "It happened on Alpine Place"

or buying my first car and feeling like a "real" adult

or dancing to mad, crazy industrial beats 'till 4 a.m.

and each day is an opportunity to create more wondrous "past" to carry in my satchel


Rich Mertz said...

I have the CD ... somewhere? Just realized it's not in the iTunes collection.

Nice post, chuckles. Did you still want a laptop? Email me or give me a call and tell me what it has to be able to do and I'll see what majick I canst werk, eh?

I think my first programming project will be to create a program to read all the blogs I subscribe to in RSS, will automatically pull related comments from my writings and post them, then notify me of what I've 'posted'. My code is an extension of me ...

pink sky said...

thanks for all of your insight and wisdom...i appreciate your support so much!