Friday, June 13, 2008

special stuff, anyone? anyone?

Last week, I began my new job at a mental health outpatient clinic which (rockingly) includes having my very own office, the construction of which was completed the week prior to starting. To create an environment much more conducive to therapy I started filling it with a few things to make it warmer, more comfortable and, well, therapeutic. The basic canvas has four bare, slightly off white walls, industrial grey carpeting (with an unfortunate seam down the middle) and some stock office furniture.

I added a couple of chocolate brown pillows to the officey-maroon chairs, put a few natural elements in baskets and bowls, and put a blue ceramic fish (who needs a name) on my desk to keep me company between clients. A cheap CD player from Target allows me to play some soft music in the background for calming purposes (and also to try and aid with confidentiality since the walls are thin and I have not received a white noise machine). Or it will allow me to add ambiance, once I get a better supply of relaxing, classical or instrumental music for such purposes.

Then I got to thinking and decided I would love to include some art, little items and (non-people) photos from people I know (in life and in cyberland). I am not usually one to ask for things (even when I really, really, really need something.... I can be a very stubborn Aries) but this time it feels right to ask and see what happens.

So here's my request: I would love to incorporate special little things from you all to bring some positive energy to my office, my clients and even me (Heck, I need to stay grounded in order to help clients feel the same). It would really mean a lot to me and make my shoebox of an office (see below) more of a sacred, therapeutic place. Mind you, I am not looking for things of monetary value. I wish for things like 4x6 photo prints, art work/doodles, tactile items, squishy things for clients to...well...squish, natural objects to add to the bowls, hand written words of wisdom I can frame, creative stuff and, well, if you were in a mental health therapist's office what would you like to see, hear, smell, or touch?

Please do not feel obligated, but if something in your heart makes you want to be a part of my "therapy container" and help me assist those needing counseling find their answers in order to heal, it would mean so much to me. Like I said, I do not usually ask for things, but for some reason this just feels right. If you are interested, contact me (comment, phone call, email, flickr mail, smoke signals, telepathy, etc).

Of course, positive thoughts to help me "hold the space" for my clients are equally appreciated.

Much thanks,

Yeah, it isn't pretty....yet.


Anonymous said...

HOw about a picture of Stevie GB

Melissa said...

Well then I'd be destracted and spend my clients' time staring lovingly at the photo that I'd probably get fired.

Then again, not having a pesky job would free up more time to stalk Stevie GB in person. ha ha ha

Joey said...

Glad you asked! I have some interesting things that should fit the bill.

Melissa said...

Do tell