Sunday, June 15, 2008

ssshhhh they're listening

The computers, technology...all of it, listening! Must be. My trusty laptop that I had acquired just before moving to Colorado for grad school must have heard me discussing with a friend in Boston about the Mac notebooks he's fixing up (Holy run-on sentence!). I had mentioned that if he gets one running, we would be interested in buying one. Well my dear, dear laptop decided, after eavesdropping on that conversation, that it was time for a mutiny. He joined forces with Groovy's desktop and stopped working. Grrrrr! I think they are planning a picket line and everything.

Lucky for me, I have a father who has bad luck with technology, too (genetic techno-crap?). He happened to have a new old computer that he was having trouble with and he offered it to me. (Yeah, he took the easy route to computer problems and got himself another computer. Good thing he's allergic to retirement.)

A computer that runs but has tweaky problems trumps a laptop that keeps looping through the start up and a desktop that just chills, well, under the desk. Hopefully, the new old one will be up and running real soon. Cross your fingers, toes and any other appendages you can!

See? This did NOT happen on Friday the 13th. Told you that day is lucky for me. Sunday the 15th? Now that's a different story.


pink sky said...

i can totally relate to this ! three computers...3 not working right. i must have the gene too.

Melissa said...

Still not reconnected. Should be back...soon?