Thursday, June 26, 2008

meet me in snohomish

How great is the town name Snohomish? It is in Washington. I think I will have to visit even if it is to only say, "Hey, you know where I've been? Snohomish! No really, Snohomish!" Of course, I'd have to begin the trip from Speonk. How many people can say they've gone from Speonk to Snohomish and back? I may be a trailblazer.

Anyway, enough with this silliness. How about some witty repartee? Anyone? Anyone?

Oh yeah, still not reconnected. This is another quick blog from work, so forgive the brevity. Loving the job, though the building of my client caseload has been slow going. I've been assured by the other therapists and my clinical supervisor that this will change and I will soon have little time to breathe. So, in the meantime, I have been preparing for the therapy group that will commence shortly. The plan is for it to be a part educational/part processing group with topics on health and wellness, and their effects on mental health. Sound good? It should be enjoyable.

Well, I need to finish up and prepare for my commute home. Incidentally, I have rediscovered some radio programs on Radio710 AM that I used to love out here in NY. Makes the commute quite enjoyable, though I am always open to some suggestions for books on CD. Anyone?



Anonymous said...

You'd love Snohomish it's a great little town right on the river. I love the motto preserving charachter while promoting vitality.
I'll send you a pix for your office.

Melissa said...

Hmmm does that mean the character was good but lacked vitality?

Picture would be awesome. (yeah, that's right, I still use the term awesome@) Email or snail mail?