Wednesday, August 27, 2008

the line

Where do you place the line between hurting others and getting your own needs met? This is something with which I struggle. Sometimes, when we express our needs it is at the expense of other peoples' feelings. In the past, all too often I put the needs of others needs on a much higher plane of importance than my own. I have since come to recognize that my own needs are just as important and valid. Usually, I am very aware about how I express things and how they may affect the person I am expressing them to. This morning I realize that an expression of my own needs yesterday was offered at an inappropriate time. The listener was vulnerable and I was aware, yet insensitive of that. I chose to let out my feelings for fear that, held in, they would turn into resentment. Reflecting back, I could have been more sensitive in my choice of timing and more delicate in my delivery. Now I choose to learn from this, offer a hug and an apology.

....I love you, Greg

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