Sunday, August 31, 2008

om in the home

Two nights in a row, I have succeeded at getting full, mostly restful nights sleep. I think it has helped having completed some deep cleaning in the bedroom; dusting, changing pillow cases, vacuuming and organizing. It amazes me how much more at ease I am when things are neat and organized. Not like this is some shocking revelation since I am fully aware how our surroundings affect us. It is more that I am amazed at the stark difference I feel between chaos and calm. This alone should be motivation enough to keep things clean and tidy, but I'm an artist at heart and like many artists I know, order is not an easy thing to keep.

On a positive, as I grow more aware of how I walk through life, I also become less attached to things. I find it much easier now to part with things than I have in the past. My goal now is to simplify. Yes, it is nice to have possessions, but I want to be realistic. I no longer want to hold on to stuff for the sake of having stuff. I want less things in order to be able to actively use the things I need and want to use, without extraneous things hindering this.

I want to keep my cleaning of the apartment as simple as: keep, toss, donate

I want to be realistic in the "oh, I use this such-and-such someday" and get rid of the "Yeah, I might use it eventually but right now it is useless and taking up too much space" things.

Cleanse and purge the physical in order to calm the internal.
What I want is "om in the home".
Who's with me?

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