Sunday, August 3, 2008


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Reigniting the flame and actively searching for the passion that fuels my soul. I have signed up for a couple of art classes at the local college. I have really come around full circle considering I originally was an art major, but changed my major during the first semester of college.

I have no complaints where my educational path has taken me, for I love learning and I love my work as a therapist. There has just been something missing for a very long time, and that is my art.

I am feeling the dichotomy between extreme excitement of learning and creating again, and complete terror of disappointing myself. The disappointment may take the form of realizing I have gotten so rusty on my skills that I create utter and total crap or realizing that I should not have let this part of me go without nurturing for so long. Possibly both.

But I am doing it, diving in head first without a helmet and seeing what transpires.

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