Saturday, January 10, 2009


There are some days that I experience pure joy. I am not referring to having something joy-triggered happen or remembering a joyful moment from the past. I am talking about pure, pervasive joy. Joy that pulses through my veins and swirls around every cell of my body. The kind of joy that allows my breath to deepen and my daydreams to dance.

This level of joy seems to affect me more frequently these days. In it I feel lighter. I feel as though I can illuminate and radiate this joy to the World, and I wish to bestow as much as I can on to those around me.

I think this arises from keeping my feet grounded while allowing my thoughts to soar. I believe the daily yoga practice and treating myself with loving kindness contributes to it greatly. Having wonderful people in my life is another key component, as well as connecting with creative, vibrant people. All of this and more fuels the joy, and for this I am grateful!

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Stevie G.B. said... I'm really depressed..(just kidding)