Friday, April 17, 2009

p u! what's that stink???

Why, it's me!
Here's a fact that is unnecessary to your life, but now you will know anyway: I brush my teeth before taking a shower in the morning. So there I was, toothbrush in hand about to rinse said brush for the first post initial tooth scrubbing rinse. Being the good conservationist that I (try to be) am, I do not turned the faucet on until a few minutes into my extensive brushing process. No, really, I brush my teeth for a good chunk of time and multitask out of necessity and productivity. Heck, I brush my teeth so much my previous toothbrush broke mid-handle. Anyway, as I turned the faucet on out came... mud, or regular coffee, or perhaps some alien vital liquid. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!" I silently though and wondered "do I have time to head over to my parents to use their shower?" My simple reply: "No."

Sigh, what a way to start the day! I "freshened up" the best I could, rinsed my toothbrush with mouthwash, tied my hair up, put on some clean clothes and off I went to work. No one gagged as I walked by me at the office, so that is a good sign.

Now that the water is running clear, I better go chisel the two day grime off of me and head to bed. Never a dull moment.

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