Thursday, April 16, 2009

zzzzzzz...wha? morning already?!?!

To sleep, perchance to...well, sleep. I so enjoy sleep. A time in life that included afternoon naps seemed so much brighter. When I have had consecutive full nights of sleep, I am mentally sharper, physically calmer and happier. Yet, knowing this...having experienced this...I have, as of late, been robbing myself of sleep. Life and career has interrupted my afternoon naps. But I am the sleep thief at night. I enjoy the feeling of calm I experience in the evening with leisurely pursuits of reading, spending time with Groovy and Sherman and expressing some creativity. I love the pre-bed yoga that helps me transition from awake to sleep (thought that has been happening around 11:30 pm). Especially on the days that my work schedule mandates me staying in the office until 9:00pm followed by a 27 mile commute home, I need to unwind and indulge in the evening rituals.

The timeline is taking it's toll and it is time for a change. You know how I know this? My normal 1.5 cups of morning java just became a 3 cup event. Tonight, I yoga and transition earlier. That is the plan at least.

Now, where did I place that coffee mug?

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