Saturday, April 18, 2009

wish list

I wish to find and compile random outdoor metal chairs and tables in bright colors, or ones that can be painted in bright colors, to set up an outdoor sitting area. I wish for a comfortable space in our garden so we can have friends visit this year and share some laughs, good times and create new memories.

I wish for a good garden hose, the kind that does not kink and rolls and unrolls with ease.

I wish for better organization skills to keep my living space in order.

I wish for continued enthusiasm for life.

I wish for a bountiful fruit and vegetable garden. So bountiful we can share with loved ones.

I wish to add color to the world everyday.

I wish for sprigs of fresh mint to add to fresh made lemonade.

I wish for home grown tomatoes from Groovy's Topsy Turvy.

I wish for fresh organic cilantro for Sherman to goggle down with joy (gosh he loves his cilantro).

I wish for a new doors that lets in more daylight.

I wish for a free standing yet powerful air conditioner, so we can take the window one out and have a little more daylight as well.

1 comment:

Brandi said...

"I wish to add color to the world everyday."

a-freaking-men to that!