Thursday, April 2, 2009

mmmm worms!

Upon returning from a short but enjoyable bike ride, I decided to do some yard and garden preparation.

First there was the remains of a bale of timothy hay. I dove in and spread it on the ground against the fence to inhibit some early spring weed growth and to be turned under when it is closer to planting time.

Next, additional stepping stones were placed to continue the foot path next to the walkway. The walkway is just fine, but when lugging large grocery bags (big blue Idea bags kick serious butt in the get-all-the-groceries-down-the-stairs-in-one-fail-swoop way) or laundry it gets a little tight. The stepping stones are actually re-purposed floor tiles. Hey, they work.

Cleaning out some of the gardens and pots of last growing seasons remnants was next. Not too much to do but it got my hands in the dirt.

Finally, on to tending to the compost. It looks rich and deep and ready for nurturing. Since the ground is still moist from yesterday's rain, I went hunting for some juicy earthworms to see if they want to take up residence in the compost bin. Fifteen or so worms later, I figured that was enough. Good luck little fellas, happy scrap consumption!

It feels wonderful to do such things. Getting my hands dirty and smelling the soil. Simplicity among the chaos that is life!

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