Tuesday, May 19, 2009

joyous rapture! the garden of eatin'

Oh, joyous rapture! This past weekend, we cleaned up and started our summer garden. The herb seeds are planted including chives, mint, basil, oregano, and cilantro. The curly parsley from last year is already a few inches tall and looking green and luscious. A few onions have come back. We created a new shady wildflower garden over where we plan on putting a seating area. Oh, yes, friends will be invited over this summer. (Any want to donate or barter some garden furniture?) An old packet of miscellaneous cutting flower seeds were sown because, hey, you never know. The indoor grow box has peat pots starting various sunflowers to go at the end of the drive. The portable greenhouse is assembled and ready to roll. Various pots of bird and butterfly attracting plants are set up along the fence and, of course, my requisite marigold seeds are planted.

Next: pick up some tomato and pepper plants/seeds, get and cut some lumber to make a couple of raised garden boxes and decide what else to grow this year.


Brandi said...

ahhh...that sounds so wonderful. sadly, I have no green thumb so I live vicariously through wonderful souls such as you and pay a boatload to eat organic and fresh (it's worth it though!)

Melissa said...

If only we lived closer, I'd gladly share our bounty with you.