Friday, May 1, 2009

research the meaning of "question," mr. reporter person!

Sometimes I wonder whether news reporters are interested in asking questions or simply providing the answers in question form so they look "well researched." Have you noticed this trend?

Reporter, "So, Mr. Smith, you have saved the lives of 27 people by swooping down with a home made helicopter you built in your garage out of spare car parts. You threw down your home thrown nets and scooped the sinking victims up and flying them to safety. What a gratifying feeling it is to save people. How did you save them and how did you feel after?"

Mr. Smith, "Yes, that is how I did it and I did feel gratified."

Oy vey!

Reporters stating the obvious cracks me up:

Actual reporter on the news, "Chrysler now needs to manufacture vehicles that people actually want to buy and can afford."

Fake Chrysler Exec watching newscast, "Shoot! If only we had put that in our previous business plans, we may have been successful...(mumbling to self) cars people WANT to buy...why didn't I think of that????"


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