Tuesday, May 26, 2009

twitter, too, shall pass

"I just ate three oatmeal cookies."

"Just ran into a door frame! Boy am I clumsy!"

"Can you believe that episode of John and Kate????"

"Yay, I'm happy Obama nominated a female for the Supreme Court."

"Going to brush my teeth."

"Heading to the food store to get bunny num-nums."

"Sharpening a pencil"

"Should I wear the pink shirt or the blue today?"

"Did you see Ashton's tweet???? OMG! I can't believe it!"


"Can anyone else wait for Twitter to die?"

"Can you believe you keep reading these stupid tweets?"

"Y does every news show consider the 'phenomenon' of Twitter news worthy?"

"Taking bets on when Twitter will die a slow painful death."

"soon, I hope."

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