Wednesday, May 6, 2009

look ma! no cavities!

Yes, it is true. No cavities. But in what I believe is a plot to make more money, the dentist will be replacing a fifteen year old filling. Then, once insurance gives the okay, getting a "deep cleaning" done in two appointments and, with the "assistance" of their affiliated pharmaceutical company, they want me to have Arestin®
placed under the $100 per quadrant. Hmm...$400 of non-insurance covered name brand antibiotic? I think not. Especially when they prefaced it with "the pharmaceutical company that we work closely with."

I think I will research the efficacy of this treatment and also some alternatives. Wonder if patients like me annoy them? You know, the ones that advocate for themselves?


giniwinilokokukuhaha said...

hell, yeah. i'm with you!!!!!

but, sometimes i have to stop myself from jumping to conclusions, too. sometimes, it is the approach. i have to tell myself that doctors and dentists are not really salespeople and they lack the know-how on selling products. we must remember that generations now (that includes you, btw. *smile*) take good care of their teeth/gums and that they need to make money elsewhere. 2-3 decades ago it was sonicare toothbrushes that you could only purchase through your dentist. then whitening trays and veneers. these days, and probably in the past decades, braces for 30 & 40 year olds.

i don't know where i was gonna go with this, as i have to stop some screaming in the other room...

but.... what i've done (seriously) is to ask them to give me 60 days to research and to "freeze" that prize quote. i haggle the price. yes, i have them give me an estimate and a quote good for x-number of days, just like most service people offer.

have a great day, melissa!

Model Citizen said...

I guess the positive is you didn't end up with a mouth like Shane Macgowan of The Pogues.