Tuesday, September 14, 2010

buzz buzz in the eardrum

I am not sure where I am at today, but for some reason I have been more drawn to researching environmental and toxin issues, and health and wellness. I think I have some guilt for treatment my pup for fleas using those icky bug neurotoxins and pesticides. This is very much against my nature. Of course, the following day I was able to find a natural, healthy alternative (different then the natural ones I was using and were not so effective) that we are going to use to maintain a pest free environment.

Though, if you could see the horrifically giant, mandible wielding severed head of the bug that was in my shoe by the door, you might consider a nuclear bomb to fumigate. (And I'm not easily bugged by too many bugs.)

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Brandi Reynolds said...

we use the natural stuff too for our dogs...not just flea treatment but shampoo and stuff like that. for the most part, we find they work better anyway and one of ours tends to react pretty strongly to anything too chemically so it works out.

and hey, it's always in baby steps, you know? You are educating yourself and that's the best thing to do because it will inform your decisions going forward.